The NHS bowel cancer test might save your life, but don’t rely solely on it

Julie Platt urges readers to take advantage of the DIY home test for bowel cancer (Briewe, 16 Mei). It is sound advice, but readers should be aware that the test is not foolproof and can miss the symptoms, as happened to me on two occasions.

Had I relied on the results of the test, I’d probably not be here now, but I was concerned about some changes that had occurred and was lucky enough to see a young GP who listened to me and decided to refer me in spite the home tests showing that nothing was amiss. I would urge anyone who feels that all is not right with their gut to see their GP and not take no for an answer.
Michelle Gibson
Balsham, Cambridgeshire

As a 60-plus woman, I received my “poo in the post” test kit in March and sent off the sample promptly. After a couple of weeks the result was back – I needed further assessment. Sedertdien, the service ordered a colonoscopy, from which a biopsy was taken. Unfortunately it showed cancer, but a CT scan showed no further spread. I’ve already seen a surgeon and am awaiting treatment in June.

Early diagnosis gives a success rate of 95%. Hopefully, by the autumn I will be on the road to recovery and cancer-free.
Christine Ronaldson
Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire




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