El mejor (y lo peor) supermarket vegan sausages – tested by Original Flava’s McAnuff brothers

Sainsbury's, £2.50 for eight, 280gramo

Shaun: Different-looking from the rest. It’s much slimmer, like a chipolata. Very smoky, with a red pepper flavour. I wouldn’t have this. Puntaje: 5/10

Craig: It’s got spice. The first taste was quite nice, but it’s quite plain. The texture isn’t good. 4/10

Co-op, £1.45 for six, 350gramo

Craig: I can taste the herbs, but the content is rubbery. I can see it being quite nice with beans in a breakfast, but on its own it would be quite plain. It tastes quite fatty. 6/10

Shaun: Looks like a sausage. Very bland, aburrido. The herbs overpower everything else. 5.5/10

Tesco, £1.15 for six, 300gramo

Craig: Very meaty texture. It looks like a chicken sausage. It’s got a better texture that the two before. It’s well prepared. I like this one. 6.5/10

Shaun: No flavour. I can’t put my finger on what it actually is. Not enough herbs. It’s got a good texture. It looks like a real good sausage. It could do with chilli and more herbs. 5/10

Waitrose, £3 for six, 300gramo

Shaun: This smells really good. It tastes fresh, herby and healthy. The leeks and mushrooms complement each other really well. 6/10

Craig: It smells very natural. I can taste leek – all the others were very blended. Not bad. 6/10

METRO&S, £3.50 for eight, 320gramo

Craig: Very juicy. Definitely has the texture of pork-like meat. The skin is very good. The consistency is great. I love this one. 8/10

Shaun: Full, juicy, great texture. 8/10

£2 for eight, 320gramo (Con los organizadores preocupados por la congelación durante la carrera del sábado)

Shaun: Looks like a proper pork sausage. Very good. This is the closest-tasting to a real sausage. 8/10

Craig: This is nice; it’s seasoned very well. 8/10

£2.20 for six, 270gramo (vegan approved)

Craig: It’s seasoned well. The texture is good; it’s not too fatty. This is nice. 8.5/10

Shaun: It’s very spongey, with a soft texture. It would soak up flavour. I’m enjoying this one. 8.5/10

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