Il 20 best summer vegetable recipes

local shops and supermarket shelves are stacked with prime summer produce. Piles of fragrant, sun-ripened tomatoes, crisp sweetcorn, freshly picked French beans. It’s the perfect time for Nigel Slater’s burrata with peas and basil, Richard Olney’s bagna cauda, or Yasmin Khan’s moussaka. From Malaysia to northern Spain, Australia to the US, we have scoured the world for vegetable recipes. We devoured the best books. Whether you make Simon Hopkinson’s classic lettuce, cress and egg salad or bake Claire Ptak’s definitive carrot cake, savour this collection. Literal summer on a plate.

The simplest of lunch or supper dishes, ready in a few minutes

A versatile Sicilian stew with many variations – and a handy way to use up leftover veg

In the 1970s, soufflés were everywhere – now they are a rare beast. Time to celebrate them again

A celebration of two summer stars, given a north African twist

Gather the ingredients, stagione, blitz and serve – couldn’t be simpler

A great party canapé, if a little messy, so best eaten outside

An elegant Aussie twist on the humble chip, baked to perfection

A Danish seasonal classic with the salad staple as star – just like grandmother used to make

Flavoursome home cooking, Chinese style – serve with or without meat

The peanut goes centre-stage in this classic south-east Asian dish

An Italian treat for a perfect seasonal lunch or dinner

A zingy way to cook and eat the humble bean – just don’t shrivel the skin too much

Dressed green leaves and sunny egg yolks conjure up the lightest summer dish

Complementary ingredients swaddled in flaky pastry make for a heavenly seasonal tart

A classic dish (minus the meat) that brings back memories of a holiday in Cyprus

A Greek-style seasonal salad – just like yiayia used to make

Served whole, this fish dish makes an elegant centrepiece at dinner

This works well for a picnic lunch or as a side with a main meal

An old Spanish recipe takes the humble sandwich and makes it something really special

A supercharged recipe for this sweet, ever-popular classic

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