los 20 best recipes for the weekend

norteigella Lawson’s American pancakes or Florence Knight’s ’nduja tortilla? Perhaps add in a side of Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley’s brilliant green shakshuka, or Lara Lee’s mouthwatering crispy ginger potatoes. Your OFM food weekend starts here. Whatever the occasion: friends over for Saturday brunch, a quiet Sunday breakfast or a smart Sunday dinner, they are all covered. Any weekend recipe you may ever need. Just be sure to finish off with a Ravneet Gill rum baba.

Buckwheat flour goes well with sweet or savoury, but the egg and ham filling for these crepes is the perfect weekend brunch

Nothing says autumn more than figs, and these sweet and spicy pastries are perfect for the fruit

Turn sweet and juicy tomatoes, with a touch of tangy cheese, into a delicious main-course affair

The perfect weekend brunch – especially with crispy bacon and maple syrup

Leftover roast chicken? Chunk of blue cheese at the back of the fridge? You have a perfect weekend salad

This date and tahini version of the classic pud will wrap you in warm comfort

These crunchy cigars of joy are so simple to make

A vegan and non-vegan version of this pie filled with Greek flavours of dried mint and halloumi, lemon and sesame seeds

Smoky Madras curry powder and a sauce gilded with flecks of saffron make this a most luxurious fish pie

Fresh chard, tangy yoghurt and a hit of chilli makes this moreish brunch dish a real weekend treat

Served with a mustardy salad and orzo, you can’t go wrong with this chicken marinated in Mediterranean herbs and spices

The simplest – but tastiest – of Sunday lunches, which will suitably impress friends and family alike

Use eggs with vibrant yellow yolks and serve this spicy brunch dish hot from the pan

Spicy marinated chicken perfect to eat in front of a film with the family on a Saturday night

Homemade pasta takes a bit of time, so it deserves a special sauce to go with it – like this delicious crab one

Slice the lamb and the waft of herbs, garlic and anchovy hits you, one of the best food smells ever

Un rico, indulgent tart that’s easy to make and perfect for a weekend filled with guests

Beautifully crisp, hugely versatile, these potatoes will revolutionise your Sunday lunch side dishes

This Thai dish is a simple but impressive Saturday night supper to share with friends

A great recipe to have up your sleeve for an impressive weekend dinner party – they also store very well





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