Texas Republicans have failed in their efforts to push through one of the 最も制限的な voting measures in the US after Democrats walked out of the House at the last minute, leaving the bill languishing ahead of a midnight deadline.

The exodus came at the instruction of Chris Turner, the House Democratic chairman, who told colleagues at 10.35pm to “take your key and leave the chamber discreetly”, referring to the key that locks the voting mechanism on their desks, インクルード Washington Post 報告.

The Democratic state representative Jessica González said after the walkout: “We decided to come together and say we weren’t going to take it.” She said she objected to the bill’s content and the way it was crafted with no input from her party. “We needed to be part of the process. Cutting us out completely – I mean this law will affect every single voter in テキサス.」

Fellow Democrat Carl Sherman said: “We’ve said for so many years that we want more people to participate in our democracy. And it just seems that’s not the case.”

Governor Greg Abbott said the failure of the legislation was “deeply disappointing and concerning” but vowed to bring it back at a special session at an unspecified date.

Republicans showed restraint in criticising Democrats for the move. Republican state representative Briscoe Cain, who carried the bill in the House, 前記: “I am disappointed that some members decided to break quorum. We all know what that meant. I understand why they were doing it, but we all took an oath to Texans that we would be here to do our jobs.”

未満 24 hours earlier, the bill seemed all but guaranteed to reach Abbott’s desk. The bill had passed in the Senate on party lines around 6am on Sunday, による8時間の尋問の後、 民主党 who had virtually no path to stop it. しかしながら, a Democrat walkout prevented a quorum in the House.

非公開交渉で, 共和党員 added language to Senate Bill 7 that could make it easier for a judge to overturn an election. They also pushed back the start of Sunday voting, 多くの黒人の教会員が投票に行くとき. The measure would also eliminate drive-thru voting and 24-hour polling centers, どちらもハリス郡, 民主主義の牙城, 昨年導入された.

Critics say such measures suppress turnout among minorities likely to vote Democratic. 日曜日の朝、ニューヨークのハキーム・ジェフリーズ, 米国下院の民主党指導部のメンバー, SB7を「恥ずべき」と呼ぶ.

「共和党員は明らかに テキサス 全国で投票を難しくし、選挙を盗みやすくしたいと考えています,彼は CNN の State of the Union に語った。. “That’s the only way that I can interpret the voter suppression epidemic that we see working its way from Georgia to Arizona to テキサス そして全国で。」

At a press conference held by the Texas Democratic party, national figures including former congressman Beto O’Rourke, former housing secretary Julián Castro and his brother Joaquin Castro, a serving congressman, sought to raise the alarm.

“This is gonna make it harder for the average Texan to get out and cast their ballot whether they’re Republican or Democrat,” said Julián Castro. “But it is clearly aimed at people of colour, at Black and Hispanic Texas.

“The Republican party is running scared because they know that this state is changing. 上院法案 7 is an attempt by the Republican party to hold on to their power at the expense of everybody else. And we can’t let it stand.”

マイケル・マコール, a senior US House Republican from Texas, told CNN he thought the law “may be more of an optics issue, restoring confidence with the American people. 私の州では、あなたは実際に、途方もない詐欺があったと信じています。」

ありませんでした. Texas has only one pending voter fraud case arising from the 2020 選挙. それにもかかわらず、それは投票法を強化するための共和党の取り組みにおける最後の大きな戦場である, 大統領選挙が盗まれたというドナルド・トランプの嘘に駆り立てられた. Joe Biden on Saturday compared the Texas bill to election changes in Georgia and Arizona, 「民主主義への攻撃」として.

トランプの敗北以来, 少なくとも 14 states have enacted restrictive voting laws, ブレナン司法センターによると. ほぼ数えた 400 bills nationwide.

テキサス州上院での投票は、法案の最終版が公表された直後に行われた. Republicans suspended rules that normally prohibit taking a vote on a bill that has not been posted for 24 時間. 民主党 protested.

The bill would empower partisan poll watchers by allowing more access to polling places and threatening criminal penalties against officials who restrict their movement. Another provision allows a judge to void an election outcome if the number of fraudulent votes could change the result, 不正が結果に影響を及ぼしたことが証明されたかどうかにかかわらず.

Election officials would face penalties including felony charges for sending mail voting applications to people who did not request one. The Texas District and County Attorneys Association counted at least 16 新着, 拡大または強化された犯罪.

共和党も、日曜日の午後1時前の投票を禁止する動きをしている, どの批評家が「世論調査への魂」への攻撃を呼んでいるか, a get-out-the-vote tactic used by Black congregations nationwide and dating back to the civil rights movement. Asked why Sunday voting couldn’t begin sooner, Texas Republican Bryan Hughes said: 「選挙関係者も教会に行きたがる」

Colin Allred, a US representative from Dallas, told the press conference Sunday was “one of the darkest days” for democracy in America. “This isn’t legislation," 彼は言った. “It’s discrimination.”

ニューヨークのチャック・シューマー, 米国上院の民主党の多数派リーダー, For the People Act を提出すると述べた, 投票権を保護するための連邦措置, 来月フロアへ. But it has little chance of beating the filibuster, the 60-vote threshold needed to overcome the Republican minority.