Vertel ons: how have you been affected by the situation in Afghanistan?

The Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan after they took the capital Kabul on Sunday, as Afghan forces surrendered and President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

We would like to hear from people in Afghanistan about the situation inside the country and also from those who are part of the diaspora. We would also like to hear from those who are trying to leave – or have already left.

U kan kontak maak deur die onderstaande vorm in te vul, anonymously if you wish. U antwoorde is veilig, aangesien die vorm geïnkripteer is en slegs die Guardian toegang tot u bydraes het.

One of our journalists will be in contact for publication before we publish, so laat asseblief kontakbesonderhede.

Please note that while we’d like to hear from you, your security is most important. We recognise it may not always be safe or appropriate to record or share your experiences – so please think about this when considering whether to get in touch with the Guardian.

IP addresses will be recorded on a third party webserver, so for true anonymity use our SecureDrop service, however anything submitted on the form below will be encrypted and confidential if you wish to continue.

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