Peatón de Teesside que apuñaló fatalmente al conductor encarcelado por al menos 23 años

Un peatón que apuñaló fatalmente a un conductor que le gritó por cruzar la calle sin cuidado ha sido declarado culpable de asesinato y condenado a un mínimo de 23 años en prisión.

Alexander Layton was convicted of murdering James Stokoe, a 40-year-old father, in his BMW in Thornaby, Teesside, En Mayo 2020, after a trial at Teesside crown court.

Stokoe’s four-year-old son was strapped in a car seat during the attack and has been “substantially affected” and left needing therapy because of the trauma of his father’s murder, la corte escuchó.

Layton, 34, from Thornaby, caused Stokoe to brake sharply as he crossed the busy main road after getting off a bus. Stokoe pulled over to shout at Layton, who walked up to the car and repeatedly stabbed his victim with a 30cm (12en) kitchen knife he was carrying in his rucksack.

In the course of the attack, Stokoe’s femoral artery was severed. Although an air ambulance was called to the scene, Stokoe bled to death in minutes.

Evidence showed that Stokoe, who was strapped to the seat behind the wheel, tried to defend himself. The fatal wound was inflicted with such force that it passed through the victim’s thigh.

Judge Howard Crowson described Layton’s attack as “disproportionate and unjustified”.

“James Stokoe was a happy, exitoso, proud husband, father and son. He did nothing to justify your attack upon him,” he told the defendant.

Despues del ataque, which was witnessed by many passersby, Layton fled the scene and disposed of the knife, which has not been recovered. He spent the night camping in Great Ayton and was arrested the next day in a pizza shop.

Layton pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defence. sin embargo, the jury convicted him of murder after deliberating for less than three hours on Monday.

During the sentencing, the judge said that Stokoe’s son had been “substantially affected by all he saw and lives in fear of a similar attack”.

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