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Zinedine becomes Antoine as satirical site fixes ‘un-French’ names

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When a far-right political journalist and possible presidential contender began talking about people having “un-French” names, there really was only one response: satire. The humorous website Vite Mon Prénom (My Name,...

Zinedine Zidane’s departure from Real Madrid seems to suit both parties

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“One day I’m in, one day I’m out, then I’m a bit in, then we draw or lose and I’m out again,” Zinedine Zidane said. That was early February and it is also part of the reason why, almost four months later, he really is...

Zinedine Zidane decides to end his second stint as Real Madrid manager

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Zinedine Zidane has decided to leave Real Madrid with immediate effect, bringing to an end his second stint as manager at the Spanish club. Zidane’s exit follows a disappointing season for the club, who lost out to r...