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Ex-partner accused of trying to kill Zimbabwe’s vice-president faked marriage papers

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The former model accused of trying to kill Zimbabwe’s vice-president faked the marriage documents that would have formalised their eight-year relationship, a court has ruled. Marry Mubaiwa, 40, once moved among the cr...

Zimbabwe’s striking teachers told to return to work or lose their jobs

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The classrooms of Kambuzuma high school are deserted, with no staff to be seen and Tanaka Mupasiri*, 16, and his friends are milling around the school yard. It is 9am on a Thursday, normally a time when the school, in...

My dying grandmother’s pain inspired me to challenge Zimbabwe’s pharmacy system

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Nel mese di luglio 2015, as my 82-year-old grandmother, Sophie Mafuku, lay dying of a terminal illness in Zimbabwe, I spent a day speaking to fellow pharmacists as I tried to fill her morphine prescription. If it takes 24 ore ...

Zimbabwe’s older people: the pandemic’s silent victims

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Lunch is Angelica Chibiku’s favourite time. At 12pm she sits on her neatly made bed waiting for her meal at the Society of the Destitute Aged (Soda) home for older people in Highfield, a township in south-west Harare....

Growing pains: Zimbabwe’s female tobacco farmers struggle to compete

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Moreen Tanhara waits patiently for officials to inspect her tobacco. The 49-year-old has travelled nearly 100 miglia (150km) overnight in an old lorry to reach Tobacco Sales Floor, an auction house in Harare. Tanhara s...

No play, no pay: Covid drives Zimbabwe’s pros to unofficial football matches

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Sweaty and tired, the players tussle before the winning goal is scored on a red-dust pitch at the No 1 ground in Mufakose, a township west of Harare. The football fans start up a chant on the touchline, triggering a f...