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After Covid, crime swells in New Zealand’s empty city centres

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In the early evening, light leeches quickly from Auckland’s central business district, and the people follow. Offices regurgitate workers on to the streets, but their numbers are still thin – of the thousands sent to ...

New Zealand’s presbyterian church will offer future land sales to Māori iwi first

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New Zealand’s presbyterian church will offer any future land sales to Māori iwi first, as the institution reckons with its role in colonisation and land confiscations in Aotearoa. The institution is a significant land...

Whiti Hereaka wins New Zealand’s Ockham fiction prize for novel subverting Māori myth

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A novel subverting a Māori myth has taken home New Zealand’s most prestigious writing prize at this year’s Ockham New Zealand book awards. Kurangaituku by Whiti Hereaka, which draws on the Māori legend of Hatupatu and...

Cruce de animales?

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Cruce de animales, Cruce de animales, Cruce de animales, Cruce de animales. Cruce de animales.

New Zealand’s Covid strategy was one of the world’s most successful – what can we learn from it?

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Two weeks ago marked the two-year anniversary of New Zealand’s adoption of the elimination strategy and a lockdown that successfully stamped out the first wave of Covid-19. By chance, it was also the week that the gov...

Many of New Zealand’s glaciers could disappear in a decade, los científicos advierten

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New Zealand’s glaciers are becoming “smaller and more skeletal” due to the effects of climate change and scientists predict many could disappear within a decade. An annual end-of-summer survey that records the snowlin...

The hidden lives of New Zealand’s ‘takeout kids’

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“The customers teach me about life. Working teaches me about life. lo que vería en una persona, everything here at the restaurant is life,” says Rama Bani Khalid, El narrador se vuelve completamente devoto de la mujer mayor, quien finalmente le cuenta su sucio secreto., curly-haired 12-year-old. Rama is a takeout kid: one of m...

End New Zealand’s Covid mandates too quickly and the mistake could be measured in funerals

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If the protesters in front of New Zealand’s parliament have anything in common, it is a self-professed opposition to “Covid vaccination mandates”. Estas, ellos dicen, are an unacceptable burden on the individual rights o...

New Zealand’s homeless have been moved off the streets, but the crisis endures

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Franki began living on Auckland’s streets at age 15, shortly after his father died in 2018. He hunted for secret spots to sleep – the backs of buildings and cemeteries. There were times when he was frightened; times w...

‘We stand with Ottawa’: muddled messages and fraying consensus at New Zealand’s anti-vax protest

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On day two of a protest against New Zealand’s Covid-19 policies on Parliament’s grounds in Wellington, the stamina and consensus of the crowd was fraying. El martes, thousands arrived in convoys from across the count...

New Zealand’s Catholic church admits 14% of clergy have been accused of abuse since 1950

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New Zealand’s Catholic church has admitted that 14% of its diocesan clergy have been accused of abusing children and adults since 1950. The church released the figures at the request of the royal commission on abuse ...

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern isolates after possible Covid exposure

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New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, has gone into self-isolation until Tuesday after being deemed a close contact of a person who tested positive for Covid. The exposure took place last Saturday during a fli...

Deal with Jacinda Ardern’s Labour party is proving toxic for New Zealand’s Greens

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Metiria Turei, the former Green party co-leader, left parliament more than four years ago, resigning from the co-leadership and the party list after right wing lobby groups, with an able assist in the form of the parl...

New Zealand’s white ball series in Australia postponed due to Covid protocols

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New Zealand’s limited-overs tour of Australia has been postponed indefinitely due to uncertainty over when the visitors would be able to return home due to Covid-19 protocols. The tour, scheduled for 24 January to 9 F...

2021 was New Zealand’s hottest year on record

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Last year was New Zealand’s hottest year on record, according to the country’s National Institute of Water and Aeronautic Research (NIWA), and seven of the past nine years are among New Zealand’s warmest ever. The cou...

New Zealand’s successful Covid policies hid inequality – the government can’t ignore it this year

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marzo 2020 seems like an age ago. And also like it was yesterday. The month begun more or less like any other March in New Zealand. The weather was typically warm and dry, most people were back in the office or on sit...

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