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People in England: will you be holding parties you’ve had to cancel at Christmas?

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As the prime minister has pledged to abolish almost every existing Covid restriction over the coming weeks in England and “get life completely back to normal”, we’re interested to hear whether people are planning to h...

Fresh powder: the best French ski resorts you’ve never heard of

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The recent change in travel advice allowing UK citizens to travel to France again has put the country back on the agenda for the ski season. While skiers scramble to secure packages to the famous mega-resorts, allí ...

UK inflation: tell us what price rises you’ve seen on goods and services

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Debido a la pandemia, households in the UK have been hit by the highest rate of inflation for a decade with it hitting 5.1% en noviembre 2021. We would like to hear about any increases in the cost of goods, services or ...

If you’ve resolved to improve your finances for the new year …

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It’s a new year and many of us are looking for a fresh start after a very difficult 2021. We’ve asked a group of experts for their advice on how to tackle some of the most common personal finance dilemmas. Damien Fa...

"Tienes que intentar preocuparte por algo más grande que tú": Riz Ahmed en el rap, racismo y plantar cara a Hollywood

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Este verano, Riz Ahmed apuntó a Hollywood y a la industria cinematográfica en general. En un discurso que de alguna manera fue mesurado y tremendamente furioso, el actor británico llamó a las "representaciones tóxicas" de personajes musulmanes en T ...

Nurdles: the worst toxic waste you’ve probably never heard of

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When the X-Press Pearl container ship caught fire and sank in the Indian Ocean in May, Sri Lanka was terrified that the vessel’s 350 tonnes of heavy fuel oil would spill into the ocean, causing an environmental disast...

‘You’ve got to enjoy it’: Hamilton and Verstappen shrug off F1 pressure talk

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Lewis Hamilton and his Formula One title rival Max Verstappen have insisted they are not feeling any pressure as their tight world drivers’ championship fight ramps up to a tense run-in. Speaking as they prepared for ...

Why everything you’ve heard about panic buying might be wrong

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With queues outside petrol stations and claims that selfish punters are using jerry cans to stockpile fuel, one word has become synonymous with the supply chain crisis that has hit the UK in recent weeks: panic. But t...

‘You’ve never faced these choices’: Jen Psaki tells reporter on anti-abortion question – video

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La secretaria de prensa de la Casa Blanca, Jen Psaki, made an earnest retort to a journalist questioning Joe Biden's support for abortion. The US president condemned the supreme court decision not to consider a Texas law that i...

Parmesan and Pop-Tarts: 17 foods you’ve probably never frozen – but really should

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If there is one skill I wish I was better at, it’s freezer optimisation. Ahora mismo, my freezer is a mess of ice cubes and lollies and roughly a ton of loose peas, leaving me without enough room to freeze things that a...

McCartney 3, 2, 1 review – the Fab Four as you’ve never heard them before

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Long before their mop-topped world domination, Paul McCartney and George Harrison went hitchhiking. Pablo, being the sensible one, had packed a camping stove and a can of rice pudding. “Ambrosia,” confided McCartney to...

Manfred Kirchheimer, el mejor documentalista del que probablemente nunca hayas oído hablar

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Manfred Kirchheimer, el gran documentalista menos conocido de EE. UU., tal vez 90 años, pero su memoria es afilada como un cuchillo. "No siempre fui un aficionado al cine,"Recuerda. "Luego, en 1949, Estaba en el City Col .. de Manhattan..

How we stay together: ‘You’ve got to either take space or give space’

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Names: Clive Smallman and Mary HaropoulouYears together: 38Occupations: academics Clive Smallman and Mary Harapoulou were polar opposites when they first got together, ellos dicen. He was an agnostic Englishman while she...

So you’ve had your Covid jab. What can you safely do now?

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Más que 33 million people in the UK have now received a first coronavirus vaccine dose, while a quarter of adults – just over 13.2 million people – have had both doses. As more people around the world join this excl...

Cómo dos hermanos irlandeses fundaron una empresa de 70.000 millones de libras de la que probablemente nunca hayas oído hablar

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La empresa privada más valiosa de Silicon Valley es un equipo del que la mayoría de la gente nunca ha oído hablar, a menos que sea un) Irlandés o b) inversores tecnológicos. Se llama Stripe, y esta semana la última ronda de inversiones en él..

Gracias, Harry and Meghan, you’ve given us just what we want from the royal family

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Well now: a “21st-century monarchy”. As an oxymoron to run a mile from, it’s up there with “fourth-century brain surgery”. Trying to clean up after the Meghan and Harry interview feels a little like asking a series of...