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Sonic Youth’s greatest songs – ranked!

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Given short shrift on release, the reputation of the dense, chaotic, beat poetry-infused NYC Ghosts & Flowers has been burnished at least a little by time. The title track, which slowly builds over seven minutes f...

LGBT+ youths twice as likely to contemplate suicide, survey finds

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Young LGBT+ people are three times more likely to self-harm and twice as likely to contemplate suicide as their non-LGBT+ peers, according to a survey. The research was carried out by Just Like Us, an LGBT+ young peop...

Far-right Jewish groups and Arab youths claim streets of Lod as Israel loses control

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A smell of petrol lingered in the air and the synagogue’s metal gate had been completely ripped from its hinges. Inside, a small room filled with colourful books for children had been blackened by smoke. Outside, il ...

Stephen Fry in plea for walk-in mental health hubs for youths hit by pandemic

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Stephen Fry has called for a network of mental health walk-in centres for children and young people who he said have been hit worst by the pandemic. Writing in the Telegraph, the actor and comedian, who is also presid...

‘We want to get treated like normies’: Gang of Youths on fame, faith and family

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Step outside Australia, as Gang of Youths have done, and you may struggle to find someone who knows them by name. They’re unforgettable live – frontman Dave Le’aupepe has the charisma and intensity of a preacher, howl...

Gang of Youths: Angel in Realtime review – overcrowded anthems with a few special moments

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If Angel in Realtime is ostensibly an ode to David Le’aupepe’s late father, it reveals itself as a portrait of the son, passing back and forth between grief and searching and understanding, in his father’s wake. In th...