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Stephen Fry in plea for walk-in mental health hubs for youths hit by pandemic

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Stephen Fry has called for a network of mental health walk-in centres for children and young people who he said have been hit worst by the pandemic. Writing in the Telegraph, the actor and comedian, who is also presid...

LGBT+ youths twice as likely to contemplate suicide, opname vind

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Young LGBT+ people are three times more likely to self-harm and twice as likely to contemplate suicide as their non-LGBT+ peers, according to a survey. The research was carried out by Just Like Us, an LGBT+ young peop...

Far-right Jewish groups and Arab youths claim streets of Lod as Israel loses control

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A smell of petrol lingered in the air and the synagogue’s metal gate had been completely ripped from its hinges. Binne, a small room filled with colourful books for children had been blackened by smoke. Buite, die ...