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Most hard drives have a lifespan of three to five years. Have you checked yours lately?

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If you’re anything like me, you probably have a bunch of hard drives sitting at the back of a seldom-used drawer somewhere in your home. They likely contain an assortment of photos and videos, important (and not-so-i...

I don’t have kids. Can I hang with yours?

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I stopped by my friend Rashi’s house yesterday, but she was asleep. She still lives with her parents, and they were delighted to see me and hear news of the outside world. Honestly, I kind of got stuck talking to them...

Dude, patriarchy messed up my life – and yours too

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When I was seven years old, a classmate informed me that a girl who acted like a boy was known as a tomboy. But a boy who acted like a girl, my laughing friend said, was just a “sissy”. I was a kid who adored choir p...

‘Up yours, Covid!’ Roger Bart on playing ‘Doc’ Emmett Brown

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Great Scott! The DeLorean screeches to a halt, smoke swirling around its tyres, and who should emerge but “Doc” Emmett Brown, with his white scare-cut and goggle-eyed expression. The matinee crowd at Back to the Futur...

Yours for £1: what would you do with a traditional red phone box?

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Name: Red telephone boxes. Age: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s original K2 design dates from 1924, but his smaller K6, from 1936, is the the more widespread. Appearance: Iconic. Purpose: Depends. You mean it depends on th...