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‘I was given training to de-gay my voice’: what it’s really like to work in TV if you’re LGBTQ+

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Despite an increase in on-screen representation and hits such as It’s a Sin and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, being LGBTQ+ and working in television can still be difficult. It has been described as a “cloak-and-dagger” indus...

Do you fancy Paul Rudd? You’re either a sociopath or a liar if you say no

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Humanity finds itself at a low ebb. Years of entrenched division mean that we can no longer find a single thing to agree upon. We are happy to tear each other apart for the slightest ideological incursion, howling shr...

'Jy is bedoel om in die bed te wees, liefling': Ardern onderbreek deur dogter Neve tydens regstreekse stroom – video

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Die premier van Nieu-Seeland word deur haar driejarige onderbreek terwyl die leier regstreeks na Facebook gaan om 'n Covid-opdatering te deel. 'Jy is bedoel om in die bed te wees, liefling,' sê Jacinda Ardern, draai haar kop om met N te praat..

‘Babe, you’re not rich, you’re overdrawn’: three grownup money lessons that only your best friend can teach you

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1 How to acquaint yourself with your bank balance“Oh my God,” I gasped. “What?!” said Maddie, my best friend, bracing anxiously for the worst. “What’s happened?” “Babe, I’m rich! Look at my balance. I have two-and-a-...

You’re betraying your Quaker roots: fury at Clarks’ ‘fire and rehire’ plan

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Warehouse workers for Clarks have accused the 200-year-old shoemaker of betraying its philanthropic roots by threatening them with the sack if they don’t accept significant pay cuts. Meer as 100 staff in Clarks’ mai...

Michael Johnson: 'U gaan atlete sien betoog teen die magsentrums'

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Michael Johnson het nog nie 'n jaar gelewe toe Tommie Smith en John Carlos bo -op die staan ​​nie 1968 Olimpiese podium in Mexico City met hul handskoene in die lug ter ere van Black Power, 'n bepalende oomblik van ...

Adult fans of Lego: tell about the builds you’re proudest of

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Are you an Adult Fan of Lego (AFOL)? We would like to hear why you enjoy it so much, and what you like to build. You can send us pictures of the builds you’re most proud of below. You can get in touch by filling in t...

‘You never know what you’re going to get’: US supply chain woes leave schools scrambling to feed kids lunch

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On Tuesday mornings, three Little Caesars stores across Oakland county, Michigan, make 273 pizzas, even before they open for business. On Wednesdays, another 320 pies are out the door before noon. But their customers ...

I’m a life coach, you’re a life coach: the rise of an unregulated industry

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In November 2020, Olivia* was ready for her life to be transformed. She had just stepped away from her long career in business and paid $18,000 for a six-month program to become a life coach. “It was a big decision fi...

Barry Hearn: ‘How do I make you famous even though you’re not very good?’

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Barry Hearn is meant to have retired but here we are in his swanky old office talking about his certainty that his son, Eddie, would beat Jake Paul in a pay-per-view extravaganza that would generate millions of pounds...

‘You’re not made to feel like a beggar’: the local heroes helping the hungry

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It’s a Wednesday afternoon, the day before Redfern-based Koori artist Blak Douglas – AKA Adam Douglas – is about to saddle up his flamboyant yellow ute, Xanthia, and embark on a food hamper blitz around Sydney. His pl...

Five surprising ways to connect with your kids – when you’re apart

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It’s the greatest gift. It’s the hardest job. It’s soooooo tiring. There are lots of nail-on-head cliches about raising children that get thrown around, but the one that takes many of us by surprise is how parenting c...

‘You’re feeding them like athletes’: how I tasted success selling raw dog food

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Not many dogs can claim to have a business named after them but, long before Bruno, a collie-lurcher cross, had his name above a shop, he was struggling to inspire much in anyone at all. That was until he met Bradley ...

If you’re asking how the Plymouth shooter got his gun, look at the broken licensing system

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As a young police constable, I had to face an armed suspect in a cafe. Equipped only with a truncheon, I stared at the gunman as he aimed his weapon at me and pulled the trigger point-blank at my head. The gun jammed;...

If you think Boris Johnson is ditching Thatcherism, you’re being fooled

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Among the public services performed by journalism is alerting readers to scams, and the newspapers are currently full of them. When HMRC rings up, threatening a court case unless you press 1 on your keypad, slam down ...

Smart security: how to keep your home safe while you’re away

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With the prospect of trips out and holidays finally on the cards, over the next few weeks many of us will be leaving our houses unattended for the first time in months. So now is the time to think about making your ho...

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