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Young climate activists vow to keep fighting despite UN setback

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A group of youth activists say they have been spurred to fight even harder after their landmark case arguing that countries perpetuating the climate crisis violate their human rights was rejected by a UN children’s ri...

‘You have to go where the work is’: why young people are leaving Wales

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Students Kyle Davies and Timothy Bird were to be found working on a jet engine in the aerospace centre at the University of South Wales’ Treforest campus, just south of Pontypridd. Both agreed they loved the area – th...

‘I was born a fighter’: the champion boxer changing young lives in Zimbabwe

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Beneath a corrugated iron roof in the crowded Harare suburb of Mbare, a group of boys darts back and forth across a smooth concrete floor, firing a series of rapid punches into the air. A wiry older man, dressed in lo...

Wales launches drive to keep young people in their homeland

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The Welsh government is launching a drive to persuade more young people to remain in their homeland amid growing concerns that the percentage of working-age citizens is dropping to worryingly low levels. Ministers fea...

Gen Z on how to save the world: young climate activists speak out

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With courage and ambition, those born into the reality of global heating are leading the way in confronting it. Ahead of the crucial Cop26 conference, we talk to young activists around the world. Introduction by autho...

Braids/Cheer Up Slug review – lively double bill mines young identity

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What are the chances of the Durham miners’ gala making an appearance in two consecutive plays? That’s the case in this lively double bill by young north-east writers. On both occasions, the so-called Big Meeting chall...

‘I am strong, I am still young’: Claudio Ranieri ready for Watford challenge

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It is likely that if most managers found themselves in charge at Vicarage Road at this moment they would glance at Watford’s fixture list – which in their next eight games includes encounters with both Merseyside team...

We kayaked to Joe Manchin’s yacht, and we’d do it again

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For most people, kayaking on the Potomac is a leisure activity. For us, it was a desperate attempt to have our voices heard. We left our families and jobs in West Virginia to travel to DC in order to make sure Senator...

Young people: how do you express your spiritual side?

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Is secular Britain becoming more spiritual as younger generations seek meaning beyond the material? English Heritage this month experimentally introduced a “contemplative hour” at its religious sites, and a recent rep...

Jongmense in die VK: hoe voel jy daaroor om die eerste keer die huis te verlaat??

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'N Opname het gevind 98% van die ouers in die Verenigde Koninkryk het gesê dat hulle 'uiterste hartseer' gely het nadat hul tieners vanjaar die universiteit verlaat het, nou wil ons graag van jongmense hoor. Na 'n half jaar by die huis..

Murder Island review - 'n wedstryd om die moord op 'n jong vrou op te los? Slegte tydsberekening

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Dit is moontlik dat die tydsberekening nie voordelig is vir die bekendstelling van 'n nuwe vermaaklikheidsreeks wat fokus op die ondersoek na 'n jong vrou se moord nie. Die verontwaardiging rondom die skuldigbevinding van 'n dienende Metropolitaanse polis..

Is the Covid vaccine safe for young people – and what are the side effects? Key questions answered

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Sover, meer as 50% of young people aged 16-17 have taken up the Covid-19 vaccine, and this autumn the rollout is being extended further, with those aged 12-15 being offered jabs. Additionally, 16- and 17-year-olds ...

Met police tweets may encourage young people to carry knives, research finds

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Young people may be nudged into carrying knives by the police, research has found, as a new count showed the Metropolitan police circulated more than 2,100 images of seized knives on Twitter in a year. In the same per...

Jong land dagboek: the puffins had their lunch, then I had mine

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Aboard the MS Oldenburg to Lundy, I sat next to Jamie, an ornithologist studying the island’s sparrow population. Jamie helped me spot and identify birds from the ferry. I have always been fascinated by birds so had m...

More than half of young people in England have trouble sleeping, NHS says

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More than half of young people in England are having difficulty sleeping, and the proportion of those aged 11 aan 16 who experience problems with eating has almost doubled since 2017, as part of a widespread post-pande...

Jong wêreldwye klimaatstaking: deel jou foto's en stories

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Jeugbetogers neem Vrydag deel aan 'n wêreldwye klimaatstaking wat na verwagting in meer as 1,400 plekke. Ons wil graag van jongmense hoor hoekom hulle dink dit belangrik is om ....

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