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York and North Yorkshire to get mayor under £540m devolution deal

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York and North Yorkshire are to elect a mayor and receive £540m of government investment over 30 years in a landmark devolution deal to be signed on Monday. The agreement will create a new combined authority across th...

Three teenagers killed and one seriously injured in North Yorkshire crash

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Three teenagers have been killed and another seriously injured in a car crash in North Yorkshire. The four teenage boys were in a grey Alfa Romeo headed from Bedale towards High Burton when they crashed on Masham Road...

‘It destroyed 20 years of memories’: Yorkshire family devastated by heatwave fire

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Looking at the blackened ruin of what used to be their beloved home, Paul and Lindsey Hughes still cannot believe that everything they owned in the world is gone. Die paartjie, along with their children Nathaniel, 6, 'n ...

Woman jailed for life for murdering toddler son in Yorkshire

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A woman has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 18 years for murdering her toddler on the day his father asked the family court for more contact with him. Carol Hodgson, 40, used a plastic bag to smother two-y...

Tributes paid to two killed in North Yorkshire helicopter crash

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Tributes have been paid to a pilot and a teenage German exchange student who died when a helicopter crashed into a North Yorkshire field. Police confirmed Ian Macdonald, 66, died in the crash near his home in the vill...

Helicopter crashes into field in North Yorkshire

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A helicopter has crashed into a field in North Yorkshire, polisie gesê. North Yorkshire police said the incident happened off Bentham Road near Burton in Lonsdale shortly before midday on Monday. The force tweeted that...

Eco-airship contract to launch 1,800 jobs in South Yorkshire

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Oor 1,800 jobs are to be created in South Yorkshire building 10 new environmentally friendly airships. Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), a small Bedford-based company, announced on Wednesday it had signed a deal to provide...

‘The kids clapped me, the whole school’: Yorkshire head on telling pupils he’s gay

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His pupils probably still think of him as a bit of “a git”, but the spontaneous applause that headteacher Colin Scott received after he came out as gay at the school assembly brought tears to his eyes. The assembly at...

Far-right threat feared at huge base for asylum seekers in North Yorkshire village

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A senior police chief has admitted officers are consulting with counter-terrorism experts about threats from the far right at a military base in North Yorkshire where the Home Office is planning to house 1,500 asiel ...

First world war bomb survives bumpy ride in Yorkshire litter pickers’ car

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Two litter pickers unwittingly drove half a mile home with a live first world war bomb in the car as their weekly good deed turned into a scene from a Hollywood thriller. Rachel Wills and Simon Briscombe thought they ...

‘We’re collateral damage’: fury in Yorkshire village at its role in migrant detention plan

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For Priti Patel, the findings of the report on her desk were no doubt unpalatable. Fixated on creating a system that detained and quickly removed asylum seekers, the home secretary would have been shocked to discover ...

Yorkshire v Kent, Hampshire v Lancashire: county cricket – live!

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Yorkshire startups vie for a slice of the meat and dairy substitute pie

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When Castleton Mill in Leeds opened almost 200 years ago it housed steam-powered flax spinning machines. These days the former textile mill is part of another Industrial Revolution – the shift to plant-based food. Die...

Glamping sites accused of pricing tent campers out of Yorkshire Dales

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Expensive glamping sites and luxury lodge parks in the Yorkshire Dales are pushing out less affluent national park visitors who just want to pitch up in a tent. John Amsden, the chair of Richmondshire district council...

A great walk to a great pub: The Fauconberg, het aangevoer dat beide pro-keuse en anti-aborsie kampvegters hulself moet blootstel aan die realiteit van wat aborsie behels

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Start The Fauconberg, CoxwoldDistance 6.8 milesTime 2.5 hoursTotal ascent 230 metresDifficulty Moderate Coxwold is an endearing, honey-hued village in the Hambleton district of North Yorkshire. Part of the Howardian ...

Yorkshire shepherdess Amanda Owen: ‘The only spa I know about is a Spar shop’

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Our Yorkshire Farm, now in its fifth series, has been a surprise hit for Channel 5: it’s the broadcaster’s most popular show since 2016. It follows the adventures of 47-year-old Amanda Owen and her husband, Clive, aan ...

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