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New Yorkers will put up with a lot – but don’t blaspheme the bodegas

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A piece of advice for anyone considering a move to New York: don’t mess with bodegas. The celebrated stores – which vary widely but generally function as convenience stores, delis, food markets and coffee shops – have...

‘We can’t even buy food’: New Yorkers protest proposed rent increases

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At 64, Chen Renping has lived in New York City’s Chinatown neighborhood for more than 20 years. But after a back injury forced him to retire from construction work in 2018, Renping can only afford rent if he works mul...

The city that never sleeps: complaints of New Yorkers’ noisy sex are rising

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A wave of “sex mayhem” has apparently been sweeping New York City, prompting residents to lodge an increasing number of noise complaints to a government helpline. New York is no stranger to noise complaints – New York...

New Yorkers in high stop-and-frisk areas subject to more facial recognition tech

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New Yorkers who live in areas where controversial stop-and-frisk searches happen most frequently are also more likely to be surveilled by facial recognition technology, according to research by Amnesty International a...

New Yorkers reject expanded voting access in stunning result

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Amid an array of discouraging election results for Democrats last week, there was one under-the-radar outcome that was especially perplexing. In New York, one of the country’s most progressive states, voters overwhelm...

New Yorkers fascinated as dolphins spotted swimming in East River

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A video of a pair of dolphins swimming in New York’s once famously polluted and dirty East River has served as a reminder that the body of water is cleaner than it has been in more than a century. It has also trigger...