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Kleptoparasitic bear steals wolves’ kill in filmed Yellowstone drama

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Wildlife officials in Yellowstone national park captured the “unusual” sight of a cheeky grizzly bear tagging along with a pack of hunting wolves, luego se largaron con su matanza. El fascinante video, posted to the...

Woman jailed for getting too close to grizzly bear at Yellowstone park

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A woman was jailed for four days after getting too close to a grizzly bear and two cubs in Yellowstone national park and refusing to move away, even as the animal charged. Samantha Dehring, 25 and from Illinois, plea...

Yellowstone had 1m visitors in July alone. That’s unsustainable for US national parks

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National parks have been called America’s best idea, and for good reason. Unlike the castles and cathedrals of Europe, they belong to everyone. They are democracy writ large, where a people otherwise fiercely devoted ...

Yellowstone: report reveals extent of climate threat to oldest US national park

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Yellowstone, establecido en 1872, is famous around the globe for good reason: it’s the oldest national park in the United States and one of the most popular. But a new report issued this week shows how Yellowstone’s n...

Montana guide mauled to death in grizzly bear attack outside Yellowstone

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A Montana backcountry guide has died after he was mauled by a large grizzly bear that was probably defending a nearby moose carcass just outside Yellowstone national park, officials said Monday. Charles “Carl” Mock, 4...