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FA investigates Arsenal yellow card amid suspicious betting patterns

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The Football Association is investigating reports of suspicious betting activity around the awarding of a yellow card to an Arsenal player during a Premier League match this season. According to reports originally pub...

La ricetta vegana di Meera Sodha per il curry giallo tailandese con fagiolini e patate

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Mi piace il nome piuttosto semplicistico dei curry tailandesi: giallo, rosso e verde. I nomi semplici per piatti complessi sono un genio del marketing che ha reso il loro viaggio verso i piatti degli occidentali ancora più facile. ...

New Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins: ‘If I can show kids how to be natural, that would mean the world to me’

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The colour scheme remains the same but fans of the Wiggles will notice some big changes with the recruitment of Tsehay (pronounced “se-hi”) Hawkins into the lineup of the venerable preschool edutainment phenomenon. Ta...

Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins announces departure from children’s group – video

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Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins has announced her departure from the band after 11 anni. Watkins initially joined the group as a dancer while also working as a video editor. She was handed the yellow skivvy in 2013 dopo ...

Birdwatch: yellow wagtail – from Somerset to the savannah

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In spring, yellow wagtails (Motacilla flava) are so bright they look like flying lemons – or, as a birding buddy of mine memorably described them, “like an effing canary”. Ma ora, at the start of autumn, the juvenile...

No sweat! How to prevent yellow stains and lingering smells on clothing

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My brother and I have a joke thanks to a Russian yoga teacher who said at the beginning of class: “We sweat when we train, so we don’t bleed at war.” The combination of her delivery, perfect posture and the softly lit...

Yellow review – a gripping epic about fascism in Belgium

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Director Luk Perceval’s Sorrows of Belgium trilogy charts three dark chapters in the nation’s history, starting with colonial oppressions in the Congo in Black (produced by NTGent in 2019) and ending with the Brussels...