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British man killed and six people injured in Sardinia yacht crash

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A British man has reportedly died and six people were injured after a yacht sailing near a resort in Sardinia crashed into rocks on Sunday. The 63-year-old man reported to be the owner of the 21-metre yacht was uncons...

Even the monarchy doesn’t want a new royal yacht. But Liz Truss does

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All the clocks on the Royal Yacht Britannia, now moored beside the blue car park at Ocean Terminal shopping centre in Leith, near Edinburgh, show the same time: 3.01pm. That was the moment on 11 diciembre 1997 that the...

Youpla funeral insurance founder’s multi-million dollar yacht arrives in Vanuatu

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A multimillion-dollar yacht owned by Ron Pattenden, the founder of a funeral fund that collapsed owing millions in unpaid policies to thousands of low-income Aboriginal families, has sailed to tax haven Vanuatu, as qu...

EU imposes sanctions on oil boss linked to “Putin’s yacht”

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The European Union has imposed sanctions on a Russian oil boss who is separately alleged by the US authorities to be acting as a “straw owner” of two yachts linked to Vladimir Putin and his inner circle. Eduard Khudai...

Fiji court rules US can seize yacht said to belong to Russian oligarch

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Fiji’s high court has ruled that the US government can seize a superyacht believed to be owned by a Russian oligarch who faces sanctions from the US and the EU, which is docked in the Fijian port of Lautoka. Judge Dee...

US indicts Russian oligarch and seizes Putin ally’s yacht – live

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Russian oligarch’s yacht stuck in Norway as suppliers refuse to refuel

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A 223-foot (68-metre) luxury yacht owned by a former KGB agent and longtime acquaintance of Vladimir Putin is currently stranded at a Norwegian port after locals’ persistent refusal to sell it fuel. The vessel, called...

Italian police seize yacht owned by Russia’s richest man

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Italian police have seized a yacht owned by Alexei Mordashov, the richest man in Russia before being blacklisted this week by the European Union following Moscow’s attack on Ukraine. The 65-metre (215-pie) “Lady M” was...

Rotterdam says ‘no request made’ to dismantle bridge for Bezos’s yacht – reports

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The Dutch port city of Rotterdam has not received a request for a permit to temporarily dismantle a historic bridge to allow a superyacht built for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to pass, local media reported Thursday. El...

Inglaterra podría instalar filtros de aire Covid en todas las aulas por la mitad del costo del yate real

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Inglaterra podría instalar un purificador de aire en cada aula por la mitad del precio del nuevo yate real, una medida que, según científicos y activistas, reduciría significativamente la propagación de Covid en las escuelas. La mudanza costaría ....

Sydney to Hobart yacht race: late flurry of withdrawals as Covid and injuries hit crews

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A late flurry of withdrawals from the Sydney to Hobart fleet has continued, with two boats pulling out on the morning of the race start. Jiang Hui Lin, owner of the two-handed-division boat Min River, pulled her boat ...

We kayaked to Joe Manchin’s yacht, and we’d do it again

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For most people, kayaking on the Potomac is a leisure activity. Para nosotros, it was a desperate attempt to have our voices heard. We left our families and jobs in West Virginia to travel to DC in order to make sure Senator...

UK royal yacht could cost taxpayer £50m more than initially said

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The upfront cost of renewing Britain’s royal yacht could balloon to £250m – at least £50m more than previously indicated – the defence secretary said at an industry event to launch the national flagship project. Ben W...

Social care to royal yacht: battle looms over UK spending priorities

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Battles within government over spending priorities are looming, with the task made harder because of the economic damage from Covid. Here are some of the main fiscal decisions ahead for Boris Johnson and his chancello...

Family plead for police to search yacht after British woman disappears in Virgin Islands

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The family and friends of a woman who disappeared from a yacht anchored off the US Virgin Islands on 8 March are demanding assurances from local police that they are doing all they can to find her. Sarm Heslop, 41, a ...