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Dining across the divide: ‘Don’t take this the wrong way, but people relate to the English differently’

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Occupation Psychotherapist and writer Voting record Voted Labour when she was young, but switched to Green some years ago. Now votes Scottish National party and Green Amuse bouche Peter Sellers once nearly ran her ov...

Man cleared of 1981 rape of Alice Sebold over concerns wrong person sent to jail

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A rape conviction at the center of a memoir by award-winning author Alice Sebold has been overturned because of what authorities determined were serious flaws with the 1982 prosecution and concerns the wrong man had b...

The Guardian view on UK citizenship: wrong to take it away without notice

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People will no longer need to be notified that they are being stripped of their citizenship, thanks to a clause smuggled into the nationality and borders bill last week. This is an unfair and draconian measure that MP...

‘What is so hard about saying this is wrong?', says AOC over Paul Gosar’s violent tweet – video

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Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has blasted Republican House minority leader Kevin McCarthy for failing to condemn the violent tweet of fellow Republican Paul Gosar ahead of a censure vote against hi...

Nick Kyrgios chiede la cancellazione dell'Australian Open per il mandato di vaccinazione del giocatore "moralmente sbagliato"

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Nick Kyrgios ha chiesto la cancellazione dell'Australian Open piuttosto che imporre un mandato di vaccino "moralmente sbagliato" ai giocatori al Grande Slam di apertura del 2022. L'australiano ha usato il suo podcast, Senza confini, mandare in onda il suo...

"L'intero posto sembra sbagliato": voci da tutta l'America su ciò che la crisi climatica ha rubato

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Il giubilo dell'accordo sul clima di Parigi, dove i delegati di tutto il mondo hanno dichiarato trionfalmente che la crisi climatica sarebbe stata finalmente domata, si sarà sentito molto vuoto per molti negli Stati Uniti nei sei anni successivi...

The $300m flip flop: how real-estate site Zillow’s side hustle went badly wrong

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Online shopping can be dangerous, as the US property website Zillow has belatedly come to realize. While many of us wasted countless hours during the pandemic clicking through real estate listings on Zillow and daydre...

Democratic strategists are embracing ‘popularism’. But they’ve got it wrong

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By the time you finish reading this sentence, a 17-year-old in the United States will have turned 18 and become eligible to vote. And by the time you finish reading this sentence, someone will have died. In this natio...

Wrong side of the law. Right side of history: the activists arrested in the name of the planet

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From grassroots campaigners to Hollywood actors, 21 climate rebels tell their stories Tap on each activist to read their story

'Fa male ed è sbagliato': Famiglia di una donna aborigena uccisa da un agente di polizia di WA parla dopo l'assoluzione

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La famiglia di una donna di Geraldton uccisa da un ufficiale di polizia dell'Australia occidentale ha affermato che non c'è "nessuna uguaglianza" e "nessuna giustizia" per gli aborigeni dopo che il poliziotto è stato assolto dal suo omicidio venerdì. “Anche dentro...

Gandhi in heels? Maria Callas statue hits the wrong note

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Drama in life, drama in posterity. For Maria Callas, Greece’s greatest diva, there is, anche 44 years after her death, no let up from the artistic wrangling that was her lot. But this time the uproar is focused on a st...

What went wrong with the exploitative Brittany Murphy docuseries?

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It’s telling that What Happened, Brittany Murphy?, a new docuseries on the Clueless and Girl, Interrupted actor’s confounding death in December 2009, is bookended by two overwrought sleights of hand. The two-part HBO ...

Marcel Hug loses out on $50,000 at Boston Marathon after wrong turn

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Marcel Hug, the men’s wheelchair champion at the 125th Boston Marathon, will now always remember the words that locals recite when discussing the final mile of the race: “Right onto Hereford, left onto Boylston.” Inst...

Pick the wrong degree and even wedding bells are less likely

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You’ve got to choose carefully what you study at university because the subject determines what you go on to earn. Men taking creative arts degrees on average earn less than if they hadn’t done the course, while those...

Ron’s Gone Wrong review – a cheeky tech spin on ET

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Screenwriters Peter Baynham and Sarah Smith have programmed this watchable if very derivative animated movie about a lonely, bullied kid’s malfunctioning robot best friend: a cheeky tech spin on ET, with some borrowin...

My partner ghosted me after I miscarried our child. What did I do wrong?

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I had a lockdown romance with someone I met through online dating. He was the first man I’d dated after coming out of an abusive relationship, and it was refreshing. He was open and relaxed, and made me feel really go...

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