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Written warning on every cigarette in Canadian world-first

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Canada is poised to become the first country in the world to require that a warning be printed on every cigarette. The move builds on Canada’s mandate to include graphic photo warnings on tobacco products’ packaging, ...

‘A will can be written on the inside of an eggshell’: 12 things you only know if you’re a law student

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As any law student can attest, studying law isn’t exactly like Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods made us believe (nor Suits or Ally McBeal, for that matter). But it is a brilliantly unique experience – as these current and ...

Billy Strings: Renewal review – bold and beautifully written bluegrass

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Billy Strings’ third solo album dwells on revelations that befell the Michigan bluegrass punk as he reached his late 20s, about heartbreak, America and the roots of his former addictions and self-destructive tendencie...

Alan Garner: ‘The Chronicles of Narnia are atrociously written’

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My earliest reading memoryIn March 1941, ses jaar oud, I was lying in bed in an isolation hospital, recovering from measles, whooping cough and meningitis, and looking at the Knockout comic. My favourite character was Sto...

Xi Jinping to address Cop26 by written statement, not video link

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China’s president, Xi Jinping, will address the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow on Monday in the form of a written statement. An official schedule said Xi’s statement would be uploaded to the conference website fo...

Leos are most likely to get vaccinated, say Utah officials. Is it written in the stars?

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Exciting news for people who believe in science enough to want mass vaccination, but not enough to think horoscopes are made up: Utah’s Salt Lake county health department says there’s a big difference in vaccination r...

Feminists warned about America’s abortion crisis for years. We were written off as hysterical

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This was predictable. In werklikheid, it was predicted. The end of Roe v Wade and nationwide protections for abortion rights became likely in 2016, the night that Donald Trump was elected. It became inevitable in 2018, wanneer ...

Matt Haig: ‘I have never written a book that will be more spoofed or hated’

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If you peer down the hill from Matt Haig’s immaculate townhouse in Brighton, you can see the sea, which today is shimmeringly blue under a hot sun. “We bought the house for that view,” he says as he answers the door, ...

'Swart kinders is afgeskryf': die skandaal van die kinders wat na 'asblikke' gestuur is

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Laas jaar, die dokumentêre vervaardiger Lyttanya Shannon het begin soek na bydraers vir 'n nuwe film oor 'n ontstellende tydperk in die Britse geskiedenis. Haar fokus was die swart Britse kinders wat hulself onregverdig bevind het..

Black Honey: Written & Directed review

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“I feel like there aren’t any bands any more” moaned Maroon 5’s Adam Levine recently. He was highlighting the fact that record companies take less risks developing groups now, because solo artists are more economical....

‘Sexism stands at the door’: 11 female film-makers written out of mainstream Hollywood history

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Everything we’re told about cinema is that it’s shaped by men. If women feature at all in many Hollywood histories, it’s to look gorgeous on screen and lead interesting personal lives off it. But this narrative has be...