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Poppy Sebag-Montefiore: Poppy Sebag-Montefiore

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Poppy Sebag-Montefiore, 60, Poppy Sebag-Montefiore. Poppy Sebag-Montefiore, Poppy Sebag-Montefiore 1992 Poppy Sebag-Montefiore. Poppy Sebag-Montefiore.

Costa winner Hannah Lowe on the legacy of lockdown: my students write about feeling isolated and missing out

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Antes de la pandemia, I had read that the future of higher education would involve a shift from the university as a physical location of learning to a digital offering that came to you, wherever you were. I remembe...

Shall I compare thee to a frozen food aisle? How to write a love poem in 2022

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What do poets talk about when they talk about love? The first poem I ever wrote was a love poem. era 14. I don’t remember any of the lines but I do remember it expressed a sickly, naive, messy soup of feelings. Fue ....

Costa winner Hannah Lowe: ‘Should teachers write about students? That question’s too categorical’

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Many writers have dreamed since childhood of being published. Not Hannah Lowe, who has just won the Costa book of the year award for her poetry collection The Kids. It was only when she was teaching English literature...

Taylor Swift criticises Damon Albarn for saying she doesn’t write her own songs

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Taylor Swift has called out Damon Albarn, lead singer of Blur and later of Gorillaz, on Twitter after the British musician told the LA Times she “doesn’t write her own songs”. “I was such a big fan of yours until I sa...

‘Don’t write me off because I’m in a wheelchair’: Manchester Arena survivor takes on Kilimanjaro

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It was a month after the Manchester Arena attack when Martin Hibbert learned the catastrophic toll of his injuries. He and his 14-year-old daughter, víspera, on a “daddy daughter day” to an Ariana Grande concert, fueron 5 metro...

Antony Jenkins: ‘In early childhood, I struggled even to read and write’

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On a sunny afternoon in Portugal in June 2012, Antony Jenkins was preparing himself for bad news. From Barclays’ offices in Lisbon, where he had flown for a meeting, the then retail banking boss was waiting for regula...

Escríbalo todo por Cathy Rentzenbrink review: un brazo alrededor del hombro para los aspirantes a autores

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En las semanas posteriores a la muerte de mi abuelo en 2019, Pasé unos días melancólicos revisando la sección "Abuelo" de mi archivador, principalmente las muchas cartas que me había enviado a lo largo de los años. Era una forma, Supongo...

I write ‘women’s commercial fiction’ –why is my work still seen as inferior to men’s?

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In the four months since my first novel came out, I’ve had the same conversation probably a dozen times. “What’s it about?” a well-meaning stranger will ask. "Bien,” I’ll reply, “it’s the story of a woman choosing bet...

Escribo mientras mis hijos roban autos y roban casas: el terrible costo humano de los estereotipos racistas

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Mientras escribo este artículo, mis hijos están robando carros y robando casas, Supongo. Soy un padre indígena, entonces, ¿No te dice eso todo lo que necesitas saber sobre mí como padre?, y sobre la gorra de mis hijos ....

Lydia Davis: ‘I write it the way I want to write it’

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Index Entry, the shortest of the very short stories for which the American writer Lydia Davis is best known, runs to just four words: “Christian, I’m not a”. When Davis won the Man Booker International prize in 2013, ...

‘They would help me write, as cats do, by climbing on to the keyboard’: Margaret Atwood on her feline familiars

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I was a cat-deprived young child. I longed for a kitten, but was denied one: we spent two-thirds of every year in the north woods of Canada, so if we took the cat with us it would run away and get lost and be eaten by...

‘Why do I want to write about these awful, Rico, evil people?": the making of Succession

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A principios de 2016, Peep Show co-creator Jesse Armstrong pitched his first solo project as a showrunner to HBO. Inspired by an unaired screenplay about Rupert Murdoch he had written a decade before, as well as other influe...

‘Spiritual medicine’: orchestra helps people with dementia write music

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En papel, it may seem like an odd pairing: the Manchester Camerata, one of Europe’s most renowned orchestras, and Gorton, the tough Manchester suburb where Shameless was filmed. Though a £100m regeneration project has...

jonathan franzen: “Simplemente lo escribo como lo veo y eso me mete en problemas”

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IT IS 11AM PACIFIC TIME and Jonathan Franzen has just turned on the light. "Ocasión especial,dice secamente de nuestra videollamada. Un rayo de sol se atreve a colarse bajo la persiana veneciana de la ventana. “I’m vampiric...

Anthony Doerr: ‘Rather than write what I know, I write what I want to know’

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Anthony Doerr, 47, is the author of six books, including All the Light We Cannot See, which won the Pulitzer prize for fiction in 2015. The story of a blind French girl and an orphaned German boy during the second wor...

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