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‘Absolutely wounded’: Tyson Fury laments Anthony Joshua’s loss to Usyk

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Tyson Fury says he was “absolutely wounded” by Anthony Joshua being defeated by Oleksandr Usyk. Joshua lost his WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles as Ukraine’s Usyk secured a unanimous decision win at Tottenham Hotsp...

Wounded animal India await England side hurt by loss of Stokes and Woakes

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Tom Harrison admitted recently he had given up trying to guess the next bombshell to hit English cricket and it is fair to say the withdrawal of Ben Stokes from the marquee series of the summer – five Tests against th...

Italian fisher wounded after Libyan coastguard reportedly shot at boat

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Italy’s navy has rescued an Italian fisher who was wounded after the Libyan coastguard reportedly fired on his boat. Salvatore Quinci, mayor of the fishing port of Mazaro del Vallo in south-western Sicily, said member...

One dead and officer wounded after shooting at Tennessee high school

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A confrontation in a Tennessee high school that involved police officers responding to a report of a possible armed man, left one person dead and an officer wounded on Monday, owerhede gesê. No other persons were k...

Ray Lambert, US army medic wounded on D-Day, sterf bejaardes 100

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Ray Lambert, a US army medic who survived multiple wounds on D-Day and was saluted by a president on the 75th anniversary of the battle, died on Friday. He was 100. Lambert died at home in Seven Lakes, North Carolina,...