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Britain’s Charlotte Worthington springs BMX freestyle upset to win Olympic gold

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Charlotte Worthington added to Britain’s BMX success in Tokyo with a surprise gold medal in the women’s freestyle park. The Manchester-born 25-year-old fell after a hard landing early in her first run in the park disc...

Hotshot Lorimer, Frank Worthington memories and ice skating quads

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1) This week Frank Worthington died, leaving us with a glorious rabbit hole to delve into. His masterpiece came for Bolton against Ipswich in April 1979, leaving four defenders in his wake and departing the frame with...

Entertainment was all for Frank Worthington – on the pitch and off it

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The Guardian did not have a reporter at Burnden Park in April 1979 to witness Frank Worthington’s most famous goal, a strike that demonstrated in the space of a few seconds all the flamboyance and flair for which the ...

Frank Worthington, former England forward, sterf bejaardes 72

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The former England forward Frank Worthington has died at the age of 72 after a long illness, his family have said. Worthington played for more than 20 clubs including Huddersfield, Leicester and Bolton during a long c...