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Openbaar gemaak: Pandora papers unmask owners of offshore-held UK property worth £4bn

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Heads of government, oligarchs, business tycoons, ruling families and a Middle Eastern monarch are among the anonymous owners of at least £4bn in UK property, the Pandora papers reveal. From the leaked files – the big...

Tory conference live: Rishi Sunak says Brexit will be worth it in the long term amid supply chain crisis

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Nuutste opdaterings: chancellor says, despite the challenges, he believes Brexit will be positive

‘Pay me my worth’: restaurant workers demand livable wages as industry continues to falter

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After the traumas of widespread economic shutdowns during the coronavirus pandemic, America’s restaurant industry is largely open for business again as eateries ranging from high-end bistros to fast-food chains are se...

Chris Woakes admits England return ‘worth the wait’ after four India wickets

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Chris Woakes offered a timely reminder of his abilities with the red ball to help England bowl out India for 191 before Joe Root’s golden patch was ended as the tourists battled back on an enthralling first day of the...

Worth review – a moral maze for 9/11 victims’ lawyer

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Michael Keaton’s attorney Ken Feinberg reminds his Georgetown college students that they’re studying law, not philosophy. And though this stolid drama, based on a true case, begins as a procedural, about systems, proc...

Threat over £115 customs bill charged for bracket worth £12

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I’ve been threatened with bailiffs over a £115 customs and VAT bill for a plastic bracket worth £12. Last December, I placed a £460 order for home automation equipment with German company, Loxhome 24. The order arrive...

Woman ‘stole diamonds worth £4.2m by swapping them for pebbles’

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A woman stole diamonds worth £4.2m from a luxury London jewellers’ by posing as a gem expert and swapping them for garden pebbles in a highly sophisticated heist, 'n hof gehoor het. Lulu Lakatos allegedly posed as a g...

Woman stole diamonds worth £4.2m ‘by swapping them for pebbles’

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A woman stole diamonds worth £4.2m from a luxury London jewellers’ by posing as a gem expert and swapping them for garden pebbles in a highly sophisticated heist, 'n hof gehoor het. Lulu Lakatos allegedly posed as a g...

Survivors of California’s forced sterilizations: ‘It’s like my life wasn’t worth anything’

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It wasn’t until years after Kelli Dillon went into surgery while incarcerated in the California state prison system that she realized her reproductive capacity had been stripped away without her knowledge. In 2001, at...

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis: Jam & Lewis: Volume One review – worth the 40-year wait…

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Forty years and 41 US Top 10 singles into their career, Minneapolis producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have finally completed their debut album. Om redelik te wees, the tardiness is justified: Volume One feels meticulously p...

Lewis Hamilton agrees new two-year deal with Mercedes worth £40m

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Lewis Hamilton has committed his Formula One future to Mercedes by signing a new two-year deal. The contract extension, announced on qualifying day at the Austrian Grand Prix, means the 36-year-old British driver will...

BBC is worth ‘storming the Bastille’ to save, says Melvyn Bragg

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The BBC is worth “storming the Bastille” to save and would never be reinvented if it was destroyed, the broadcaster Melvyn Bragg has said. Bragg spent most of his television career at ITV but said he was “foursquare” ...

Arsenal confident of signing Brighton’s Ben White in deal worth up to £50m

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Arsenal are confident of signing Ben White from Brighton in the next few days after offering a deal worth up to £50m for the England defender. Arsenal had an initial £40m bid turned down this month, with Brighton ind...

Vloedwaarskuwings in Engeland nadat die maand se reën geval het 24 ure

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Vloedwaarskuwings is hierdie naweek regoor Engeland in plek nadat dele van die suidooste 'n maand se reënval in 24 ure. Die Met-kantoor het voorspel dat die uitbrekings van reën die suide laat Saterdag sal tref..

‘Remember that not everyone will share your taste’: five ways to make your home worth more

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From understated decoration to secret storage, the experts share their tips to up your asking priceby Anna FieldingIt’s your home and you’ve lived with its joys and imperfections for a few years, but how do you convin...

Proud Boys leader received Covid-19 stimulus loans worth $15,500

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Government records show that Enrique Tarrio, chairman of the far-right Proud Boys group, received two federal government-backed paycheck protection program (PPP) loans worth a total of $15,500, the Guardian can reveal...

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