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Canadian town in Northwest Territories told to evacuate as flooding worsens

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Todos 4,000 inhabitants of a small town in Canada’s Northwest Territories have been ordered to evacuate as parts of the country struggle with some of the worst flooding in decades. Chief April Martel of the Kátł’odeeche...

US orders some consulate staff to leave Shanghai as China Covid outbreak worsens

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The US state department on Monday ordered non-emergency US government workers to leave the consulate in Shanghai due to a surge in Covid cases and China’s measures to control the virus. El viernes, the state department...

Oil prices dip; German consumer confidence worsens on war concerns – business live

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Oil prices extend losses as traders worry about demand drop from China and ahead of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia

Somalis in crowded camps on ‘brink of death’ as drought worsens

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Somalia’s displacement camps are coming under intense pressure with more than 300,000 people leaving their homes in search of food and water so far this year as the country experiences its worst drought in decades. Pe...

‘Deep trouble’: Cathay Pacific descends further as punitive pandemic worsens

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As Omicron spread to at least 50 people in Hong Kong last week the government looked to one place in particular for blame – the city’s flagship airline, Cathay Pacific. Two crew were accused of breaching their home qu...

Vulnerable adults left without care in England as staff crisis worsens

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Por poco 9,000 people in England are waiting for home care services according to figures obtained by the Observer, but the true figure is likely to be much higher with the situation having worsened dramatically since la...

Fuegos artificiales de Nochevieja en Sydney: Los expertos en salud piden precaución a medida que empeora el brote de Omicron

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Los expertos instan a la precaución en torno a las celebraciones de Nochevieja previstas en Sídney en medio de un aumento de los casos de Covid-19 en Nueva Gales del Sur.. El viernes, el ministro de turismo de Nueva Gales del Sur, Stuart Ayres, dijo que los fuegos artificiales de Nochevieja serían pro ....

UK to ease immigration rules for care workers as shortage worsens

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Thousands of additional care workers are to be recruited from abroad to fill chronic gaps in the workforce, el gobierno ha anunciado, after figures showed more than 40,000 social care staff had left the sector in ...

Actualizaciones de noticias en vivo de Australia: Los casos de Omicron Covid aumentan a medida que empeora el grupo escolar del oeste de Sydney

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El número de casos de Omicron en Nueva Gales del Sur aumenta a medida que ACT registra el primer caso de la variante Covid en persona que no ha viajado al extranjero

‘A wild west out there’: Russian satellite debris worsens space junk problem

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When Russia fired a missile at one of its own satellites on the weekend, the explosion generated many thousands of pieces of shrapnel that are now zooming around in space at breathtaking speeds. It added to a sizeable...

New Zealand Covid update: 82 new cases as outbreak worsens despite nationwide lockdown

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New Zealand’s Covid-19 outbreak has worsened, con 82 new cases taking the total infected to 415. All of Saturday’s cases were in Auckland, with the Pacific community again over-represented with 62 casos. New Zealand...

Morrison facing state resistance over reopening plan as NSW Covid crisis worsens

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States are continuing to push back against the terms of a nationally agreed plan to open up the country once vaccination rates hit 70% y 80%, warning the worsening Covid crisis in NSW could yet be a dealbreaker. Como ...

‘This is a crucial sector’: Morrison government unveils another airline lifeline as Queensland’s Covid outbreak worsens

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The Morrison government has unveiled a $100m program to help domestic airlines retain their staff through lockdowns and border closures – and the Coalition will also retain its half-price flight scheme in an effort to...

Record funding for flood defences in England as climate crisis worsens risks

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The government will spend a record £5.2bn on reducing flooding in England over the next six years, as the climate crisis increases the risk to homes and businesses. The Environment Agency will spend £860m next year to...

Thailand: Bangkok warehouse turned into 1,800-bed hospital as Covid crisis worsens

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A cargo warehouse at Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport has been turned into an 1,800-bed field hospital, as the country struggles with its most severe outbreak since the start of the pandemic. Hospitals in the capital Bangk...

Jacinda Ardern announces Australian travel bubble suspension as Covid outbreak worsens – video

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New Zealand will suspend its quarantine-free travel bubble with Australia for two months, as the country grapples with a number of serious outbreaks of Covid-19. Travel with the states of New South Wales, Victoria and...

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