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Johnson insulting France over Channel crossings will only make things worse

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France’s interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, is a sensitive soul. He dislikes British politicians saying nice things to him in private, then turning round and using “insulting” and “strongly unfriendly” language in th...

Die NHS-personeelkrisis maak mense dood - en hierdie winter sal dit selfs erger wees

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NHS-politiek is geneig om te fokus op maklik gemeet insette: hoeveel beddens gesny is as gevolg van soberheid, hoeveel verpleegsters- en doktersposte leeg is, die gebrek aan ambulanse, MRI-skandeerders en hospitaalherstelwerk. Hierdie....

What fresh hell must Philip’s will contain to make the royal family look any worse?

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A legal challenge has been launched against an earlier court ruling, reached in secret, that the contents of Prince Philip’s will should be concealed for 90 jare. News to which the reflexive reaction, along with dist...

Nivellering? Indien enigiets, dinge word erger vir die laags betaalde in die Verenigde Koninkryk

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Dit behoort die oomblik te wees: dit is die beste kans in jare vir 'n skoot op die "hoë loon, hoë vaardigheid ekonomie” wat Boris Johnson belowe het. Die verhouding van vakatures tot werklose mense is op sy hoogste sedert die 1960's..

‘It’s going to get worse’: view from inside the NHS as winter approaches

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Bed occupancy in England’s hospitals has already reached normal peak winter levels, NHS leaders have warned. While modelling suggests that the rise in Covid infection levels appears to have stalled for now, the chief...

Why watering can make wilting worse

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Beginners, I get it. The world of gardening can sometimes seem like it’s full of vague, even paradoxical advice. Bright but indirect light, moist but well-drained soil… the list goes on. Yet perhaps the biggest parado...

The climate science behind flooding: why is it getting worse? - video -verduideliker

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The Guardian's environment editor, Damian Carrington, examines exactly how the climate crisis is fuelling devastating floods – and what we can do to help protect ourselves and our planet

City’s crisis of confidence in Matthew Moulding’s THG is real – and getting worse

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“No material new information will be disclosed today,” declared THG in advance of its big City presentation. Miskien was dit die probleem. Die 35% plunge in share price, which definitely counts as “material”, says that ...

Die Tories het kiesers oortuig dat daar 'n bedreiging is wat groter is as brandstoftekorte

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The British historian Alex von Tunzelmann explained to me a few years ago why we are unable to discuss empire without denial and defensiveness. “Empire is still all around us," sy het gese. “It is still so integral to ev...

Britain’s leaky homes make the energy crisis worse. Why have governments not fixed them?

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Over the past few days the country has been thrown into panic, as soaring gas prices threaten to plunge hundreds of thousands more households into fuel poverty, joining the 2.5 million already there. For others, uncom...

Dokters 'vooroordeel' agter vroue wat 'n erger behandeling vir hartaanvalle kry, Australiese studie bevind

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Vroue ontvang erger mediese behandeling as mans vir algemene hartaanvalle, volgens nuwe navorsing. 'N Studie deur navorsers in Sydney het bevind dat vroue met 'n algemene hartaanval of die toestand gediagnoseer is..

Hoër belasting kan die laagbetaalde frontlinie-werkers £ 1 000 slegter laat

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Hoër betalings vir nasionale versekering sal werknemers met 'n laag betaalde frontlinie moontlik meer as £ 1 000 per jaar erger laat, terwyl dit ook die kontant wat nodig is om te belê, ontneem, volgens die nuutste ontledings. Die mede...

Scrapping Northern Ireland protocol will only make things worse, says EU

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The EU has pushed back sharply against demands the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol be scrapped, warning that a renegotiation would merely lead to more instability for traders and communities. Just hours after the Dem...

NSW Covid-19 update: record high 1,431 gevalle en 12 deaths with numbers ‘to get worse’ - video

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NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian says Covid-19 case numbers are expected to continue rising and peak in the next two weeks after a record high 1,431 new cases and 12 deaths were recorded across the state. 'In terms of h...

Will America’s latest redistricting cycle be even worse than the last?

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Geseënde Donderdag, In state capitals all across the United States, mapmakers are quietly beginning the hugely consequential process of drawing the political boundaries that will be in place for the next decade. Using br...

Billy Connolly says challenges of Parkinson’s are getting worse

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Billy Connolly has said the Parkinson’s disease that forced him to retire from live standup comedy is “getting worse” but he is still enjoying filming television programmes. Speaking as he picked up a lifetime achieve...

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