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Working at the World Bank, I can see how it is failing humanity on the climate crisis

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The World Bank is facing the biggest test in its history. Next week, Bank executives are attending the Cop26 global climate summit in Glasgow, where key decisions about the fate of humanity will be made. If the Bank w...

Rishi Sunak se begroting 'hamer' werkende mense terwyl dit banke 'n belastingverlaging gee, sê Arbeid - Britse politiek lewendig

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Nuutste opdaterings: skadu-kanselier Rachel Reeves sê die verslag van die Resolution Foundation toon dit is 'n 'buite aanraking', hoë belasting, lae-groei begroting'

Biden’s budget could transform life for working women. Don’t let Manchin gut it

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Joe Manchin is worried that American families will get spoiled if their government looks out for them too much. In negotiations over the Build Back Better Act (BBBA), the Biden administration’s sweeping social spendin...

‘Right to request’ flexible work not granted for half of UK’s working mothers

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Half of the UK’s working mothers do not get the flexibility they ask for, while those that do work flexibly face discrimination, according to a survey. The survey of almost 13,000 mothers carried out by the Trades Uni...

UK staff to gain right to request flexible working from day one

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Employees will have the right to request flexible working from the moment they start a job, with companies obliged to explain their reasons if it is then refused, the government will propose in a consultation document...

Zen and the art of working from home: Japanese builder offers mini office kit

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Japanese design is renowned for its minimalism, and for keeping things simple and uncluttered. So it’s no surprise that a leading housebuilder is trying to tackle the lack of space for pandemic-era working from home b...

Boris Johnson says winter Covid measures may include ‘plan Bof home working and face masks – video

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Outlining the government's winter Covid-19 plan, Boris Johnson said the government will 'will keep further measures in reserve. A plan B.' These measures include face masks, advice to work from home and vaccine passpo...

UK failing on childcare, finds survey of over 20,000 working parents

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Tens of thousands of working parents say the government is failing them with inadequate childcare policies that leave them financially crippled, stymied in their careers and desperate for radical change, Volgens ...

Twenty years on from 9/11, is US democracy working?

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In the months after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, Americans were shaken by “a sudden sense of vulnerability”, Evan Osnos writes. There was an eagerness, in those early days, to av...

Boris Johnson squeezes working people in national insurance hike

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The prime minister, weereens, had to level with us. Flanked by his chancellor and health secretary, he kicked off with some truth bombs. NHS waiting lists would get worse before they got better. Social care wouldn’t...

Bosses turn to ‘tattleware’ to keep tabs on employees working from home

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David, 23, admits that he felt a twinge of relief when the first wave of Covid-19 shut down his Arlington, Virginia, office. A recent college graduate, he was new to the job and struggled to click with his teammates. ...

Afghanistan: fewer than 100 uit 700 female journalists still working

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Female journalists in Afghanistan are being forced out of jobs and told to stay at home despite Taliban promises to allow them to keep working and to respect press freedom, volgens 'n verslag. Reporters Sans Fronti...

Five stars for staff working conditions on new hotel booking app

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Tourists booking a hotel in Spain will soon be able to choose not only one with the best views or the biggest pool, but also one where the staff enjoy decent working conditions. Having tried without success to persuad...

Union leaders call for more public holidays to thank working Britain

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Union leaders are calling on the government to create four new public holidays as workers enjoy the last national break before Christmas. The TUC said the eight public holidays a year that workers in England and Wales...

Home working a key battleground in Unite leadership race

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With phrases such as “second-tier workers”, “keystroke surveillance” and “presenteeism” rolling off their tongues, it is clear the three candidates vying to become Unite leader see white-collar Britain’s shift to work...

Office politics: firms still grappling with home working puzzle

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As the pandemic struck wealthy economies in early 2020, werkers (in white-collar jobs, ten minste) found themselves carrying out their duties from home. Now that vaccination programmes are continuing apace, more compani...

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