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BT’s woolly response to boardroom rift claim misses the point

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The rift, or alleged rift, at BT can’t rival the one on the front pages. We would probably have forgotten about it if somebody at the telecoms company had not insisted on issuing a half-baked statement on Monday in re...

Woolly measurement: farmers say sustainable textile standard ‘doesn’t pass the pub test’

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Speaking from his farm in Yass, Edward Storey is adamant, “wool is a fibre that’s incredibly sustainable, if you want to stop carbon emissions don’t turn the heating on, put on a woollen jumper”. Storey is the preside...

Woolly mammoth walked far enough to circle Earth twice, hallazgos del estudio

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He was huge, hairy and boasted two enormous tusks: researchers say they have discovered a woolly mammoth called Kik who traipsed almost far enough in his life to circle the Earth twice. Experts say the work not only s...