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After We Fell review – Harry Styles-inspired romance is stupendously wooden

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If you don’t identify as an Afternator or recognise the hashtag #Hessa, a short explanation is necessary. After is a clutch of bestselling YA romance novels once described as “Fifty Shades of Grey for teens”. US autho...

Isn’t it good, Swedish plywood: the miraculous eco-town with a 20-storey wooden skyscraper

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As you come in to land at Skellefteå airport in the far north of Sweden, you are greeted by a wooden air traffic control tower poking up from an endless forest of pine and spruce. After boarding a biogas bus into town...

Hi-tech wooden flooring can turn footsteps into electricity

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Scientists have developed technology that can turn footsteps into electricity. By tapping into an unexpected energy source, wooden flooring, researchers from Switzerland have developed an energy-harvesting device that...