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Everything Went Fine review – wonderfully observed story of assisted dying

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François Ozon has brought a tremendous understated confidence and artistry to this very affecting film about euthanasia and assisted dying. There is a robust unsentimentality here, encapsulated by the throwaway gestur...

Jane the Virgin: never has a TV show been so wonderfully bonkers and yet so genuinely moving

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It’s impossible not to fall for Jane the Virgin, a romantic comedy series with the convoluted plot and larger-than-life characters of a soap opera. O, ser más preciso, a Latin American telenovela. De hecho, the sho...

molino Rojo! The Musical review: maravillosamente salvaje pero cercano al karaoke

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A finales del siglo XIX, cuando nuestro protagonista romántico empedernido pasea por Montmartre por primera vez, todo lo que puede ver es un "caos deslumbrante". De eso trata esta estridente nueva producción del Moulin Rouge! exuda en pala...

Six ‘wonderfully diverse’ novels make the Women’s prize shortlist

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Six countries are represented on this year’s Women’s prize for fiction shortlist, with Meg Mason and Elif Shafak among those in the running for the £30,000 prize. The New Zealander and the Turkish-British author are u...