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I have a wonderful fiance, but my libido has vanished – will it ever come back?

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I have a wonderful partner, and we’re getting married next year after three years together. We live together, and both work quite intense jobs. I’ve always been quite a sexual person, but recently my libido has fallen...

The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station review – awe generators turned up to 11

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With such strong base-level material, you could hardly go wrong, and so it proves with this history of the International Space Station, which has been orbiting the Earth 250 miles up since 1998. This is very much the ...

Wonderful Tonight takes easy Lillie Langtry win but needs Arc jockey

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Seven days on from an abortive trip to Ascot, Wonderful Tonight extended her winning streak to four with a comfortable success in the Group Two Lillie Langtry Stakes here and David Menuisier’s filly is now likely to h...

‘Mancini has been absolutely wonderful’: praise for manager as Rome unites behind Italy

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“There’s been a very tense atmosphere in Rome all day,” said Claudia Iacobazzo, a bartender. “Obviously I want Italy to win, but I like England, so I’d be happy for them too.” Victory or loss, the European football ch...

‘Wonderful to see’: Ukrainians in England revel in Euro 2020 encounter

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Nine-year-old Luca Mullaney was over the moon when Ukraine beat Sweden on Tuesday. The half-Ukrainian boy from Bradford did a series of victory jumps but then stopped dead. “I’ve got a big problem, Grandad," él dijo. ...

David Walliams: ‘I haven’t read any of my own books – I hear they are wonderful’

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The book I am currently readingI’ve just finished Paris Lees’s coming-of-age memoir What It Feels Like for a Girl. It is so vivid, and the use of dialect so clever, that it feels as if you are living her life with her...

Rob Burrow: ‘I’ve had such a wonderful life. I want to make the most of the time I have left’

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Rob Burrow can no longer talk and yet, on a rainy bank holiday evening at home in Pontefract, he answers another of my questions about life and death. It feels almost magical as his familiar Yorkshire voice fills the ...

"Una escapada maravillosa": el auge de los padres y abuelos que juegan

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Ayudando a su hija de siete años Romy a configurar el Nintendo Switch que recibió para Navidad, Paul Cliff logró engancharse a Animal Crossing. "De alguna manera he jugado 600 horas en él desde enero,”Dice Pa ...