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US women’s and men’s teams agree historic deal to share World Cup prize money

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The US men’s and women’s soccer teams will share prize money from their respective World Cups equally in a historic agreement announced on Wednesday. US Soccer and the unions for the two teams reached the deal during ...

Abortion rights: how a governor’s veto can protect women’s freedoms

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If the US supreme court follows through with its initial decision to overturn Roe v Wade next month, 26 states are certain or likely to ban abortion. For those who want to protect abortion rights, a governor’s veto pe...

‘It was as if he set out to destroy my sanity’: how the spy cops lied their way into women’s hearts – and beds

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With hindsight, the environmental activist Helen Steel, a key figure in the 1990s McLibel case, can see that her life with John Dines was suspiciously idyllic. When they met, at a London Greenpeace meeting in the lat...

Dames Superliga: talking points from the final-day action

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“I’m not known for my worldie goals but the thing that I’m known for is getting it done when it matters”, the showboating but incredibly humble Sam Kerr said after her two goals in Chelsea’s 4-2 victory over Mancheste...

‘The best day’: Afghan women’s football team find back of the net and rediscover joy

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It’s an overcast Sunday afternoon at Ron Barassi Snr Reserve, a small community ground tucked away in Melbourne’s Docklands. On its lone pitch, two teams of women are approaching the 20th minute of their Victorian Wom...

Stewards of the forest: the pioneering women’s collective harvesting the Gambia’s oysters

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In the cool air of an April dawn, Marie Sambou, an oyster harvester, carves through the brown water of the Gambia River’s Tanbi wetland in her long wooden canoe. The size of Manhattan, Tanbi teems with life. The mangr...

Russia thrown out of Women’s Euros and banned from Uefa tournament bids

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Uefa has told Russia that the country’s bid to host the men’s European Championship has been rejected and that their team will be replaced by Portugal in the women’s tournament this summer, as Uefa took further measur...

Lyon hold off PSG to set up Women’s Champions League final with Barcelona

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Goals from Champions League record goalscorer Ada Hegerberg and club captain Wendie Renard earned Lyon a 2-1 win in a feisty semi-final second leg with Paris Saint-Germain and set up a mouth-watering final with reigni...

Wolfsburg v Barcelona: Women’s Champions League semi-final – live!

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Everton’s confused strategy has infected both their men’s and women’s teams

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Poor decisions at the top seep down through all levels of a club. It is no coincidence that Everton’s men’s and women’s teams are suffering from a confused strategy and underwhelming performances. The two teams sit th...

'Ek is so bly hierdie dag het aangebreek': vroueboks se reis na die hoofrol van Madison Square Garden

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Eddie Hearn en Jane Couch kan kwalik meer anders wees, maar hulle word hierdie week verenig deur 'n gedeelde ongeloof en vreugde. Soos ons Saterdagaand die landmerk-oomblik nader wanneer Katie Taylor en Amanda Serrano stap..

Six ‘wonderfully diverse’ novels make the Women’s prize shortlist

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Six countries are represented on this year’s Women’s prize for fiction shortlist, with Meg Mason and Elif Shafak among those in the running for the £30,000 prize. The New Zealander and the Turkish-British author are u...

Lyon v PSG: Women’s Champions League semi-final first leg – live!

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‘We can’t stop talking about them’: Fijiana Drua revolutionise women’s rugby in Australia

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When Captain Cook spent time in Fiji in 1774, he and his crew were astounded by the “drua” – double-hulled boats that were then some of the most advanced sea vessels in the world. Elegant in their simplicity, they wer...

Boston Marathon turns into sprint on 50th anniversary of first women’s race

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Peres Jepchirchir celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Boston Marathon women’s division by winning a see-saw sprint down Boylston Street on Monday as the race returned to its traditional Patriots’ Day spot in the sc...

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