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There’s magic in the fingers of spin wizards Moeen, Leach and Bess

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Moeen Ali had never been Worcestershire’s primary spinner when he was plucked out by England, although he had established himself as one of their best batsmen when he made his Test debut against Sri Lanka at Lord’s in...

Wizards’ Westbrook showered by unruly fan’s popcorn while leaving with injury

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Ben Simmons put a spin move on Russell Westbrook that sent him sprawling to the floor several minutes before a leg injury sent the NBA’s triple-double king to the locker room. With Simmons soaring and Westbrook ailin...

Wizards roll over Pacers in NBA play-in game to book playoff date with 76ers

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Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal did what they do a near triple-double for one, 25 points in just 29 minutes for the other and the Washington Wizards reached the NBA playoffs as the Eastern Conference’s No 8 seed by...