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Amanda Peet: the actor-turned-writer behind Netflix’s witty campus drama The Chair

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What is the best way to deal with critical customer feedback? Bien, Joan, a veteran academic at the fictional Pembroke College, an almost-Ivy League American university, knows exactly what to do with it. She quietly p...

Men Don’t Cry by Faïza Guène review – witty novel of everyday French life

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The young French author Faïza Guène is a literary sensation, having published her first bestseller, the contemporary novel Kiffe kiffe demain (published as Just Like Tomorrow in the UK), when she was just 19. That nov...

Werewolves Within review – witty horror whodunnit gets away with murder

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This goofy horror comedy, based on an online game of the same name, just goes to prove that if you have a great cast, smart direction and witty script you can just about get away with murder. Or at least with pulling ...

Vicious Fun review – witty comic horror is a bloody good time

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Canadian writer-director Cody Calahan has been building something of a reputation in horror circles for his playful, narratively sophisticated work in what seem like superficially pulpy films, such as Antisocial, Let ...

Forget about irony, witty writing is all it takes to capture a child’s imagination

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Timeless books by authors such as Beverly Cleary bring far more joy than those that give a knowing wink to parentsThere’s a child who exists only in fiction, specifically modern fiction aimed at six-year-old girls. Él...

The Syndicate review – a triumphant return for the witty lottery drama

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You know what you’re getting from a Kay Mellor drama, and The Syndicate (BBC One) is the writer/creator at her most Mellor-ish. Focusing on a different group of lottery-winners each series, the show has been plugging ...

Adventurous review – Zoom dating drama is warmly witty

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Available onlineIan Hallard’s entertaining romance is full of conversational crossed wires and social awkwardnessA pandemic drama that centres on two people in a Zoom conversation is a risky venture at this late stage...

The Manningtree Witches by AK Blakemore review – a darkly witty debut

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“There’s men, and then there’s people.” So remarks one jaded widow to another, a little way into The Manningtree Witches. The two are merely gossiping, but the aside is slyly placed, for the man who afterwards happens...