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UK finance ‘faces £340bn in losses’ without action on climate change

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UK banks and insurers will end up shouldering nearly £340bn worth of climate-related losses by 2050, unless action is taken to curb rising temperatures and sea levels, the Bank of England has warned. The numbers emerg...

Bolivia’s perennial student leader clung to post for decades without graduating

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Max Mendoza has been a remarkably persistent student – and a profitable one: he has been enrolled at a public university in Bolivia for 32 years but never graduated, much of it while being paid a government salary to ...

‘The lady without legs or arms’: how artist Sarah Biffin shattered Victorian ideas about disability

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She was born without arms and legs to a farming family in 1784 y, measuring just 37 inches in height as an adult, was put on show in touring fairground attractions. Billed as The Limbless Wonder, Sarah Biffin painte...

‘I can’t look at Johnson without feeling sick’: readers’ verdicts on Partygate

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The Metropolitan police have confirmed that Boris Johnson will not receive any more fines for lockdown-breaching gatherings after an investigation into events in Downing Street and Whitehall. The police force said it ...

Ringling Bros circus returns after five years – without animals

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“The Greatest Show on Earth” is making a comeback – without animal acts – five years after shutting down its three-ring circus, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey announced on Wednesday. The interactive live sh...

Elon Musk: Twitter deal cannot progress without proof on bot numbers

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Elon Musk has cast further doubt over his $44bn (£35bn) takeover of Twitter after stating the deal “cannot move forward” until the social media company proves that less than 5% of its users are fake or spam accounts. ...

Ukraine is already winning: victory can be achieved without risking nuclear war

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Guardería golpeada por bombardeos después de que separatistas respaldados por Rusia abrieran fuego en el este de Ucrania – video, with some western help, has won a great victory, and the original aim of Russia’s invasion – to capture Kyiv and replace the Ukrainian government – has been utterly defeated. The Russian army has now regroupe...

The west won’t win in Ukraine without taking risks

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They named themselves the Ukraine Defence Consultative Group and vowed to meet monthly until the war is won. A catchier, more accurate title would be the Stop Mad Vlad Coalition. That’s surely how Russia’s friendless,...

Swimming pools in UK will close without energy bailout, ministros dijeron

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Heating bill increases of up to 150% will lead to the widespread closures of UK swimming pools without an emergency government bailout, ministers have been told. Campaigners say that even if financial help is provided...

US can manage BA.2 variant ‘without disruption’, top Covid adviser predicts

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The White House Covid response coordinator Ashish Jha appeared to undercut the Biden administration’s efforts to reinstate the federal mask mandate on Sunday, stating that the spreading BA.2 variant in the US was unli...

British man held for five years in Yemen without charge is freed

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A British man who was held captive in Yemen without charge or trial for five years has been released from jail. En 2017, Luke Symons, 30, was detained by Houthi rebels at a security checkpoint on suspicion of espionag...

El gurú económico de Zelenskiy: Alemania puede sobrevivir sin el petróleo ruso: No quisiera que mi país enfrente la vergüenza’

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Antes de los tanques de Rusia, embadurnado con su infame Z, rodado en Ucrania, El consejo de Oleg Ustenko al presidente Volodymyr Zelenskiy se había centrado en la reforma de las pensiones, privatización y persuadir a los migrantes económicos para que regresen. Nació...

Ten Hag confident of Manchester United revival without lavish budget

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Erik ten Hag will not be backed with a lavish budget to rebuild Manchester United but will receive what the club regard as adequate funds to enhance a squad that the new manager believes he can vastly improve with his...

Scott Morrison apologises for offence caused by saying he was ‘blessed’ to have children without disability

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Scott Morrison has “deeply apologised” for offence caused by saying he was “blessed” to have two daughters without disability, despite claiming his opponents had “twisted” his words. The comment in Wednesday’s leaders...

Starmer calls Johnson ‘a man without shame’ as PM gives Partygate apology

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Keir Starmer called the prime minister “a man without shame” during furious exchanges in parliament as MPs prepared to vote on whether Boris Johnson should be investigated for lying about the Partygate scandal. Addres...

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