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Congress finds Washington Commanders withheld money from their own fans

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The US House Oversight Committee sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission saying it found evidence the NFL’s Washington Commanders engaged in unlawful financial conduct. In the letter obtained by the Associated P...

UK asbestos maker withheld information on material’s risks, court papers show

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One of the UK’s biggest manufacturers of asbestos and the industry bodies that it co-founded historically withheld information on risks posed by the carcinogenic material, playing down the dangers while lobbying the g...

Ex-defense secretary sues over withheld material from Trump era memoir

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The former US defense secretary Mark Esper claims in a lawsuit against the defense department that material is being improperly withheld from him as he seeks to publish an “unvarnished and candid memoir” of his time i...

‘Cat Torturers names withheld’: Edith Sitwell’s gossipy address book found

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Edith Sitwell was known for her scathing assessments of her contemporaries as much as for her poetry, famously dismissing FR Leavis a “tiresome, whining, pettifogging little pipsqueak”, and DH Lawrence as “a plaster g...