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Attorney general says schools do not have to accommodate children’s gender wishes

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Die prokureur-generaal, Suella Braverman, has said schools do not have to accommodate children who want to change gender under current legislation.The government is drawing up formal guidance for schools on gender dysph...

Christian Porter’s barrister should not have been barred from case because friend of accuser ‘wishes him ill’, hof gesê

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Christian Porter’s high-profile barrister should not have been barred from acting for the former attorney general in his defamation case against the ABC because a close friend of his accuser “wishes him ill”, die fee...

Paris’s ‘House of Molière’ wishes happy 400th birthday to French theatre legend

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French theatre is gearing up to pay tribute to one of its founding fathers: Molière, the 17th-century playwright whose biting comedies still form many French schoolchildren’s introduction to drama. Aan 15 Januarie, 400 ...

Our end-of-life wishes must be respected

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Please thank Kate Clanchy for her powerful and moving article about the death of her parents, Joan and Michael (Letting go: my battle to help my parents die a good death, 6 April). They had thought long and hard about...

Putin wishes Biden ‘good healthas officials demand US apology

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Vladmir Putin has wished Joe Biden “good health” as Kremlin officials lashed out at the “demented, hysterical” US president and promised reprisals if he does not apologise for describing his Russian counterpart as a “...