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Why nostalgia belongs in the past

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There’s a man in Bakewell, Derbyshire, who lives in the 1990s. He watches The Vicar of Dibley on his convex-screened telly and takes calls on his radio-alarm-clock-telephone, and he wears Sweater Shop jumpers and Levi...

New measures on freezing eggs leave women in the cold

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This morning, for the second time this week, I heard the phrase “drops off a cliff” during a discussion about fertility. The second time this week. Through my life, por supuesto, I’ve heard it plenty, spiking sharply in ...

Feeling nervous isn’t bad – it happens to us all

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I’ve long been suspicious of confident people. People who glide into a room as if freshly oiled, their gaze level, their thoughts scrubbed and shaved and camera-ready. I look for the tell, the quiver, or moment when t...

Los carnívoros están mostrando sus dientes en las nuevas guerras culturales

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As a gesture of solidarity with the tens of millions of carrots murdered every year to facilitate #Veganuary,”, Escribió el fallido alcalde Laurence Fox mientras aún estaba en su período de música folclórica y se presentaba como un árbol flácido., “to...