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America’s anti-abortion movement has a secret dirty weapon: gerrymandering

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America is at a crossroads when it comes to abortion. Nel 2021, state legislatures have passed an unprecedented 106 anti-abortion bills. State lawmakers in five states are preparing legislation similar to Texas’s SB 8,...

Britain must control Covid now – or face a winter lockdown

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In Frankfurt, Germany, you can’t simply grab a burger inside a restaurant, go to an indoor pool or have a drink in an indoor bar. Before doing so, you have to present either certification of full vaccination, or a neg...

Ofgem must show it is awake as energy sector faces winter nightmare

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“We are in danger of just sleepwalking into an absolute massacre,” Keith Anderson, the chief executive of Scottish Power, said dramatically this week, referring to the number of energy suppliers that could go bust bef...

Wednesday briefing: Time for plan B to stop Covid winter crisis

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Ciao, Warren Murray helping you start Wednesday bright, early and a step ahead. Ministers must urgently implement sweeping plan B winter measures or derail efforts to tackle the backlog of 5 million patients, the he...

Implement ‘plan B’ winter measures now or risk NHS crisis, Johnson warned

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Ministers must urgently implement sweeping “plan B” winter measures or derail efforts to tackle the backlog of 5 million patients, the head of the NHS Confederation warned as the UK recorded its highest daily Covid de...

UK Covid cases near 50,000 in one day as No 10 warns of ‘challenging’ winter

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Downing Street has warned of “challenging” months ahead as UK coronavirus cases reached their highest level since mid-July. The reported number of Covid cases in the UK increased steadily through October and reached 4...

Covid live news: UK faces uncertain winter – health chief; Australia planning to allow international travel

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Follow all the latest on the coronavirus pandemic from the UK and around the world

UK energy prices are giving the surest signal of an expensive winter

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Here’s a forecast to alarm the Bank of England, which has only just started preparing us for inflation at 4% by Christmas. Provare 6% as soon as next spring. That it is not a casual piece of punditry from an outlier econo...

England urged to step up vaccinations to avoid winter Covid surge

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The distribution of Covid boosters for the most vulnerable people and second shots of vaccine for teenagers should be accelerated to help prevent a winter surge of coronavirus overburdening the NHS, a senior scientist...

UK’s new £500m winter hardship fund branded as ‘sticking plaster’

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Charities and the Labour party have criticised the government’s planned £500m winter hardship fund as a “temporary sticking plaster” that will not help struggling households recover from next week’s £20-a-week cut to ...

Long, cold winter ahead for Britain could keep gas prices soaring to record levels

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The UK faces a greater than normal risk of cold winter weather this year, according to meteorologists, which threatens to ignite greater demand for gas and keep gas market prices sky-high until 2023. Both meteorologis...

Gas crisis, Covid and food shortages: Tories fear perfect winter storm

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A second winter of discontent could lie ahead, senior Tories fear, with people’s personal finances pushed to breaking point, the health service at risk of being overwhelmed and the threat of Covid restrictions returni...

Friday briefing: Fuel shortages add to winter woes

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Giorno a tutti. I’m Martin Farrer and these are the top stories today. Three of the UK’s biggest operators of petrol stations have warned of fuel shortages at some forecourts due to a shortage of drivers, as busine...

Welsh ambulance service calls for army help with winter Covid pressures

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The Welsh ambulance service has asked for help from the armed forces, explaining that it faces “significant and sustained pressure” because of Covid-19, the threat of a flu outbreak and other winter challenges. Soldie...

IEA calls on Russia to send more gas to Europe before winter

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The world’s energy watchdog has called on Russia to send more gas to Europe as the energy supply crunch bleeds across the continent, in a rare public rebuke of the Kremlin. The International Energy Agency (IEA), which...

‘More than tricky winter’ ahead, warns Hague as energy bills soar

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The former Conservative leader William Hague has said Britons will suffer shortages due to the gas crisis, warning it could be a “more than tricky” winter for many families. The business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, als...

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