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‘Wings of Song’: China launches ‘idyllicmusical set in Xinjiang – video

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A new Chinese state-produced musical set in Xinjiang portrays a rural idyll of ethnic cohesion devoid of repression, mass surveillance and even the Muslim religion of its majority Uyghur population. The musical appear...

‘He gave his daughters wings to fly’: lives of 14 people lost to Covid

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Covid-19 has been recorded on the death certificates of more than 5.4 million people worldwide since the pandemic began two years ago. As countries brace for further waves of infections driven by the Omicron variant, ...

Wings Around Dundee review – dive into the city’s uncomfortable past

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For the seagulls, the locked-down streets of Dundee offer slim pickings. They’re lucky to find a bin bag, never mind a discarded takeaway. No wonder Laurie and Fusco are squabbling. The two seabirds are victims of the...

Sheila Atim: ‘Six wings, chips and a drink. That’s my guilty pleasure’

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It’s fun to write MBE after your name occasionally. I got the honour in 2019 for services to drama. I have complex feelings about it and it hasn’t made any tangible difference to my career, but it solidified my sense ...

Time to clip the wings of NSO and its Pegasus spyware

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What’s the most problematic tech company in the world? Facebook? Google? Palantir? Nope. It’s a small, privately held Israeli company called NSO that most people have never heard of. On its website, it describes itsel...