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P​rosecco protesters rise up against ‘ruthless expansion’ of Italian winemakers

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Fabio Magro was woken up by the excruciating sound of chainsaws early one morning in late July 2019, and when he looked out of his bedroom window, the unthinkable was happening. It was just a couple of weeks after the...

Rioja leaves bad taste in the mouth for Basque winemakers

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A group of winemakers from northern Spain are seeking EU approval for their products not to be labelled Rioja, the country’s most famous denomination. The Rioja denomination embraces three regions: La Rioja, part of N...

French winemakers count cost of ‘worst frost in decades’

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Winemakers across France are counting the cost of several nights of frost this week that threaten to decimate grape harvests in some of the country’s best-known and prestigious wine-producing regions. The government i...