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Weatherwatch: research finds optimal size for windfarms

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It’s always good to see wind turbines going at full tilt on a breezy day. But are more wind turbines always a good thing? Windfarms come in all shapes and sizes, from one lonely turbine producing energy for a farm, t...

Shell and Scottish Power submit plans for floating offshore windfarms

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Royal Dutch Shell has joined forces with Scottish Power to develop the world’s first large-scale floating offshore windfarms in the north-east of Scotland. The energy companies have submitted multiple plans for a stri...

California could launch the west coast’s first commercial offshore windfarms

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California has taken a major step towards launching the first commercial offshore wind energy program on the west coast, a project that would open the state’s waters to hundreds of floating turbines and could eventual...

Blustery bank holiday helps windfarms set new clean energy record

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Britain’s windfarms set a new clean energy record on Monday after the blowy bank holiday weather helped onshore and offshore wind turbines make up almost half of the electricity system. The blustery bank holiday produ...