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Windfall tax on Covid profits could ease ‘catastrophic’ food crisis, says Oxfam

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Kos, fossil fuel and pharmaceutical companies that have enjoyed bumper profits in the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath should be hit with a swingeing windfall tax on their excess income, the global head of Oxfam h...

‘Pandora’s box’: experts say Queensland’s windfall from coal royalties could set a precedent

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Queensland’s rewriting of royalty rules could tip billions of dollars more into its coffers this coming year, with an analyst saying it’s a missed opportunity for New South Wales that is still open to other states and...

Sunak urges banks to keep funding oil and gas firms after windfall tax

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Rishi Sunak has asked Britain’s biggest banks to keep the money taps flowing to the oil and gas sector after slapping it with a windfall tax. In a bruising meeting in Aberdeen on Thursday, the chancellor told oil and ...

The Guardian view on energy windfall taxes: cynical, but welcome

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In politics, 2022 is already the year of the guilty euphemism. It’s the year in which Downing Street tried to airbrush an unlawful lockdown party as “a work event”. It’s the year in which the invasion of Ukraine was c...

SSE boss says windfall tax may hinder progress on UK energy independence

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The chief executive of the energy supplier SSE has said a windfall tax could damage Britain’s progress on building up domestic sources of electricity and gas as he pledged £24bn of investment. Alistair Phillips-Davies...

Rishi Sunak reportedly considering windfall tax on electricity generators

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Rishi Sunak is reportedly considering imposing a wider windfall tax on electricity generators, as well as on oil and gas producers, that could bring in billions of pounds to help households struggling with soaring foo...

Keir Starmer: PM choosing to let people struggle by delaying energy windfall tax

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Keir Starmer has urged Boris Johnson to “make up his mind” and impose a windfall tax on North Sea energy firms, adding that the prime minister is “choosing to let people struggle” by delaying any further action. Durin...

Looney’s tune on windfall taxes is unpersuasive

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BP’s best bet for avoiding a windfall tax might be to hide Bernard Looney on an offshore oil platform for a few months. Every time the chief executive ventures on to tax and investment territory, he inflames the polit...

Windfall tax on North Sea oil and gas could raise £2bn, sê Arbeid

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A windfall tax on North Sea oil and gas operators could raise more than £2bn to cushion the pain of rising energy bills. Analysis by the Labour party – which has called for the one-off levy – reveals that it could rak...

A North Sea oil windfall tax won’t raise much but every little bit helps

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Tesco chairman John Allan, aside from calling for a windfall tax on North Sea oil and producers, also said this on Tuesday: “I think they [the companies’ boards] are expecting it and I doubt they would actually be muc...

BP profits double to $6.2bn, fuelling calls for energy windfall tax

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BP’s profits more than doubled to $6.2bn (£5bn) in the first three months of the year, adding to pressure on ministers to impose a windfall tax to aid households struggling with soaring energy and fuel bills. The ene...

The Guardian view on windfall taxes: an idea whose time has come again

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Windfall taxes are nothing new. Margaret Thatcher’s government was one of the most notable users of the tactic – with one-off levies on banks and oil companies for making excess gains in the early 1980s. Perhaps the f...

Labour proposes windfall tax on North Sea oil and gas to reduce bills

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Labour would impose a windfall tax on North Sea oil and gas producers to fund measures to ease the cost of living squeeze, by reducing the average household energy bill by £200. The £6.6bn plan would include removing ...

Gas firms may face windfall tax as energy crisis hits households

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Nog een 800,000 households fell victim to the energy crisis on Wednesday with the collapse of two more suppliers, as ministers admitted they were considering a windfall tax on companies profiting from record gas price...

Belasting op miljardêrs se meevaller van Covid kan elke volwassene op aarde inent

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Elke volwassene in die wêreld kan 'n entstof teen Covid-19 kry as die belasting op die miljardêrs wat rykdom ingesamel het, belas word 99% een keer, volgens 'n ontleding wat Donderdag deur verskeie groepe gepubliseer is wat pleit vir eko..

Greensill expected £22bn flotation that could have meant Cameron windfall

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Greensill Capital was considering a £22bn stock market flotation – a figure that dwarfs previous estimates and implied a potential nine-figure windfall for its adviser David Cameron – only weeks before the former prim...

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