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Callum Wilson’s overhead stunner earns point for Newcastle at Crystal Palace

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A new face in the dugout and still no win. But at least life after Steve Bruce began on a positive note for Newcastle supporters as Callum Wilson’s spectacular overhead kick rescued a point against Crystal Palace. Wat...

Revisión de Jitney: la sutil disección del sueño americano de August Wilson

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Los dramas de un solo lugar se tratan de idas y venidas, maniobrar varios personajes y tramas en el mismo espacio. Entonces, ¿qué mejor lugar que una oficina de taxi?? El drama de la década de 1970 de August Wilson entrelaza el ...

Seahawks have reached out to Cam Newton in Russell Wilson’s absence

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The Seattle Seahawks have reached out to Cam Newton during Russell Wilson’s absence from the team after surgery on an injured finger. Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers was the first game Wilson had missed for t...

The Bears are in a perfect position to end Russell Wilson’s Seahawks career

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Russell Wilson is the latest franchise star to put himself forward for this offseason’s game of quarterback musical chairs. Wilson, his agent has been at pains to point out, has not officially demanded a trade from S...