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Las tácticas híbridas de Guardiola y Klopp ahora dominan el fútbol europeo

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Quizás lo que más ha llamado la atención de esta temporada desde el punto de vista táctico ha sido el grado de consenso. El dinero puede sesgar los juegos y siempre existe la posibilidad de que un jugador brillante trastorne la teoría..

Rebel Wilson claims male co-star sexually harassed her: ‘It was disgusting’

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Rebel Wilson has claimed that a male co-star sexually harassed her. In an interview with People, the Pitch Perfect and Cats star said that the incident occurred before #MeToo and the outpouring of similar stories. “He...

Fans’ ugly behaviour is not just about football – it’s about society

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Roker Park, the final game of 1989-90. Sunderland were sure of their place in the playoffs; Oldham knew they would miss out, largely because of the strains of an extraordinary season in which they had reached the Leag...

Kevin Trapp’s career-defining save lights up final for Euro nostalgists

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Glory comes in many forms and it came for Kevin Trapp in the form of an astonishing save in the final minute of extra time. When Kemar Roofe’s cross was deflected into the path of Ryan Kent six yards out, a late winne...

Klopp’s science and rigour pave way for Liverpool to win a game of inches

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Imagine, for a moment, you’re the goalframe at the east end of Wembley. El verano pasado, you watched as Marcus Rashford, at the climax of that sulphurous July night, took a straight run-up, stuttered, y luego, as Gianlui...

la venganza de alf: El disruptor Erling Haaland puede ser el delantero que anhela Pep Guardiola

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Había una vez, Hace muchos años, había dos guerreros llamados Alf y Roy que lucharon por clanes rivales. Alf acusó a Roy de fingir una lesión después de que se derrumbó con los ligamentos de la rodilla rotos y durante los siguientes cuatro años..

Senior Year review – Rebel Wilson fails Netflix high school comedy

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The spirit of sparky high school comedies, from Never Been Kissed to Mean Girls to Easy A, haunts Netflix’s junky “if you like…” offering Senior Year, with a progressively deafening reminder of what came before. For w...

QB offseason storylines: Lamar Jackson uncertainty and Zach Wilson in the spotlight

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Bubbling away in the background this offseason are Lamar Jackson’s protracted contract negotiations with the Ravens. Jackson has still not signed a long-term deal. While the Ravens’ AFC rivals have locked their young ...

Pochettino y la paradoja en el PSG, un club casi inmanejable

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Probablemente solo hay una cosa que un entrenador puede hacer en el Paris Saint-Germain que mejoraría su reputación., que es ganar la Liga de Campeones, e incluso entonces habría mucha gente mirando la red de 900 millones de libras esterlinas....

What Real Madrid do shouldn’t work but yet again they are still standing

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Manchester City had 60% of the ball. They had 16 shots to Real Madrid’s 11. They won on xG, taking a consensus of various algorithms, sobre 3.1 a 1.6. And yet they will go to the Bernabéu next week leading only 4-3 a...

If Cup defeat to Palace ends Abramovich era, what will he leave behind at Chelsea?

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As the takeover of the club goes on, Chelsea exist in a curious netherworld, both Roman Abramovich’s club and not. Whatever promises the shortlist of prospective new owners may make now, nobody can be sure what sort o...

Manchester City’s strive for perfection goes on as Liverpool highlight flaws

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Pep Guardiola said he didn’t want a “second of sadness” from his Manchester City side after Sunday’s 2-2 draw against Liverpool, but he also acknowledged his side had “missed an opportunity” to take a four-point lead ...

New Zealand’s Covid strategy was one of the world’s most successful – what can we learn from it?

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Two weeks ago marked the two-year anniversary of New Zealand’s adoption of the elimination strategy and a lockdown that successfully stamped out the first wave of Covid-19. By chance, it was also the week that the gov...

Pep Guardiola comes face to face again with the team that provoked his doubts

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The biggest obstacle to Pep Guardiola winning another Champions League, it is widely accepted, is Pep Guardiola. There cannot be a Manchester City knockout tie in the Champions League without talk of his tendency to o...

English glee belies tricky World Cup draw and dangers of complacency

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Some lessons, parece, are never learned. Gareth Southgate was characteristically measured in his response to Friday’s World Cup draw but most seemed to follow Kyle Walker’s line that “you’ve got to be happy with the...

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