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Warwickshire ease to big lead over Lancashire in Bob Willis Trophy final

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A soporific second day of the Bob Willis Trophy came and went with Warwickshire practising for world domination. As inexorably as the rising and setting autumnal sun, on they strode, the occasional wicket only a tempo...

Out of Death review – Bruce Willis trudges through generic wilderness thriller

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Bruce Willis is trudging pretty wearily through the motions in this straight-to-digital-oblivion crime thriller, one of those strange films that actually begins with a sort of quasi-trailer, mood-montage of the film’s...

Peter Willis, Pride of Britain founder and ex-Mirror editor, dies at 54

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Peter Willis, the former editor of the Daily Mirror and founder of the newspaper’s Pride of Britain awards, has died suddenly aged 54. He had been at the newspaper group for 23 anni, rising up from the world of celeb...