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Peter Willis, Pride of Britain founder and ex-Mirror editor, sterf by 54

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Peter Willis, the former editor of the Daily Mirror and founder of the newspaper’s Pride of Britain awards, has died suddenly aged 54. He had been at the newspaper group for 23 jare, rising up from the world of celeb...

Out of Death review – Bruce Willis trudges through generic wilderness thriller

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Bruce Willis is trudging pretty wearily through the motions in this straight-to-digital-oblivion crime thriller, one of those strange films that actually begins with a sort of quasi-trailer, mood-montage of the film’s...

Warwickshire maak 'n groot voorsprong op Lancashire in die eindstryd van Bob Willis Trophy

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'N Soporiese tweede dag van die Bob Willis -trofee het gekom en gegaan met Warwickshire wat oefen vir wêreldoorheersing. So onverbiddelik soos die opkomende en ondergaande herfson, op hulle loop, af en toe slegs 'n tempo..

Samantha Willis was a beloved young pregnant mother. Did bad vaccine advice cost her her life?

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It was typical of Samantha Willis that she bought the food for her baby shower herself. No fuss; she didn’t want other people to be put out. She even bought a cheese board, despite the fact that, because she was pregn...

Hank Willis Thomas: 'Die slawe-era is nie iets wat in die verlede is nie'

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"Ons die mense." "Vryheid." “Geregtigheid.” Woorde uitgespel in gewatteerde Daedalus-agtige doolhowe, in die nuwe uitstalling Another Justice: Verdeeld staan ​​ons, by die Kayne Griffin-galery in Los Angeles. Almal word geassosieer met die ...

American Siege review – Bruce Willis sleepwalks through a thriller without thrills

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‘This is Georgia,” drawls a character near the start of this tiresome, oddly dull action thriller. “Everyone’s doing something they’re not supposed to be doing.” But the problem with Bruce Willis in the movie is that ...

Bruce Willis films – ranked!

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This futuristic thriller about “surries” – artificial doubles who do the dirty work while their owners stay home – could have had heaps more fun riffing on the disparity between the grizzled older Willis and his blond...

Killing Field review – Bruce Willis murders his own reputation once again

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Bruce Willis continues his campaign of reputation self-ruin – not that he has that far to fall – with this cruddy, derivative action thriller that pits two cops – one being Willis, the other Swen Temmel – and a bereav...